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With your help we can give even more children the gift of camp! Contributions can be made in any amount allowing the opportunity to fund complete registrations or even a small portion of a single camp registration.

Jar-Jar's Kids program


Camp Chestermere's Financial Assistance Program (known as Jar Jar's Kids) aims to provide children with the opportunity to attend and experience camp, regardless of their families' financial circumstances. Camp Chestermere is able to fund this program courtesy of the generous contributions from our supporting donors.  


In order to apply to our financial assistance program, applicants must complete the below form prior to the deadline of 5:00PM on Friday, June 25, 2021. Camp Chestermere cannot guarantee that any applications received after this deadline will be considered. Each application must include one of the following forms to substantiate income: 

     1. Assured Income for the Severely Handycapped (AISH)

     2. Alberta Works: Income subsidy support

     3. Alberta Works ( Learners)

     4. Alberta Works (Alberta Health Benefit)

     5. Resettlement Assistance Program Form

     6. Canada Revenue Agency: Notice of Assessment 

     7. Independent Youth Letter

     8. Letter from a Registered Social Worker. (RSW)

Additional eligibility details are included within the below form and should be read prior to submitting an application. 


Any questions or concerns regarding your financial assistance application or eligibility can be directed to campoffice@campchestermere.com

More about Jar-Jar...

Jordan Caldwell was affectionately known at Camp Chestermere as “Jar-Jar”.  During his 2.5 years of volunteering, Jar-Jar was loved and cherished by campers and staff of all ages.  Jordan had the “spice of life” and was adored by so many around him.  He loved to play & have fun, but Jordan had a serious side too. Jordan loved Jesus Christ with all his heart, and the evidence of that love overflowed in his life.  Kids were naturally drawn to him because he was so genuine, kind, and inclusive.  A frequent question for returning kids was always, “Where’s Jar-Jar?”


Heaven, is the answer to that question now.  At the young age of 17, Jordan and his identical twin, Evan, died in a shocking accident that took place on February 6, 2016 on the Canada Olympic park bobsled track.


Camp was a very big priority for Jordan!  As a camper in his youth, Jordan came to understand the impact that one week at camp can have on a child’s heart.  Jordan will be remembered for being a camp counsellor who profoundly impacted many lives for Jesus Christ.  The staff at Camp Chestermere continue to make this impact, and they desire to see as many kids attend as possible.


Jar Jar’s Kids is a financial assistance program that provides necessary funding to children who cannot afford the registration costs.  Every child should have an opportunity to attend camp at least once in his or her life.  Please consider donating to Jar Jar’s kids.