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to Camp Chestermere

Give Back in a Meaningful Way!

While Camp Chestermere greatly appreciates financial donations, we also recognize and value alternative ways for individuals to contribute, including volunteering their time and donating items.
We know the people in our community have talents, skills, and resources that greatly contribute to our mission so-


Camp Chestermere currently has two ongoing fundraising initiatives!

1) Hope 4 Today - Hope 4 Tomorrow

Our Hope 4 Today - Hope 4 Tomorrow fundraising initiative serves two primary needs. The first being to fund the "today", such as keeping our Year Round Staff Team employed, bills paid, and more immediacies following the COVID-19 pandemic. The second being the "tomorrow", such as future capital projects or larger expenses. As such, each contribution towards this campaign will be split 50/50, half towards the day-to-day needs of Camp Chestermere, and half towards its future.

2) Jar-Jar's Kids

All donations made to our Jar-Jar's Kids program go towards sponsoring children whose families could not afford their full registration fees. By contributing to this cause, you'll be helping send a kid to camp who otherwise might not have been able to attend.

The name "Jar-Jar" comes from former staff member Jordan Caldwell, who tragically passed away in the 2016 COP incident. Jar-Jar will always be a significant part of Camp Chestermere's story and is remembered as a kind, genuine person who wished for every kid to be included and get to experience Camp. 

Hear from one of our sponsored families...

I am currently off work as I care for an elderly relative struggling with a terminal illness. My spouse has been supporting our family, but recently lost their job and has been looking to pick up hours wherever possible. It's put a huge strain on us, and I don't want our kids to miss out on the opportunity to just feel like kids again following illness, COVID and job loss. Programs like Jar-Jar's helps families like us get back on our feet.



Our Amazon Wishlist link provides a convenient way for our supporters to help us meet the practical and immediate needs Camp Chestermere has, ensuring that we can provide the best possible experience for our campers and guests.

Your contributions through this list make a significant difference in our daily operations.


As a ministry entrusted with maintaining numerous facilities, organizing events, running summer campand providing essential services to our community, Camp Chestermere frequently requires specific items to support our mission.

Here are some ideas of small and large items you might consider giving to Camp Chestermere:

Small Items:

  1. Arts and crafts supplies 

    • Crayons, markers, paper, glue, scissors, tape, etc.

  2. Sports equipment

    • Balls, frisbees, jump ropes, hockey nets, basketball hoops

  3. Toys for our daycamp rooms

    • Lego, building blocks, doll houses, etc.

  4. Beach toys, floaties, water toys

  5. Lifejackets

  6. Board games and playing cards

  7. First-aid supplies

  8. Sunscreen and insect repellent

  9. Flashlights and batteries

  10. Disposable dinnerware (plates, cups, utensils)

  11. Cleaning supplies (trash bags, cleaning products)

  12. Office supplies (scissors, tape)

  13. Vacuums

Large Items:​​

  1. Powertubes, Paddleboards

  2. Picnic tables and outdoor furniture

  3. Large kitchen appliances (refrigerator, microwave)

  4. Computer and audio-visual equipment

  5. A generator for backup power

  6. Building materials for maintenance and repairs

  7. Back hoe/ other machinery

  8. Vehicles for transportation (vans, buses)

  9. RVs/ Trailers 

  10. Boats!

  11. Quad with snow plow

These donations can greatly enhance the camp's ability to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for campers, and they contribute to the overall success of the summer camp program.

**We deeply appreciate the generosity of those willing to donate items to our non-profit. However, we kindly request that the items donated be in good condition and have a practical use for our organization. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept items that are broken, in poor condition, or no longer functional, as they can be challenging for us to manage. We want to ensure that the resources we receive can genuinely benefit Camp Chestermere and those we serve.

Please give us a call before dropping off your used furniture and items, as this allows us to assess whether they would be of assistance or if they should be considered as items beyond our capacity to accept. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Camp Chestermere would like to  invite businesses to sponsor specific areas, activities, and events at camp. Your sponsorship not only enhances the quality of our programs and facilities but also demonstrates your commitment to fostering memorable experiences and opportunities for our campers and event attendees.

Please contact our Camp Office to learn how you can sponsor Camp Chestermere today.

Camp Chestermere is incredibly grateful for the unwavering generosity of our community.
Thank you in advance for your support—it makes a world of difference!

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