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Summer Camp 2024

Hebrews 6:18-19

Day Camp

Ages 5-13 - $299/Week

Daycamp runs Monday morning to Friday afternoon

with Campers going home every evening

Week 1  - July 1st-July 5th - Sail the Seven Seas

Week 2 - July 8th-July 12th - Around the World

Week 3 - July 15th-19th - Christmas in July

Week 4 - July 22nd-26th - Campout

Week 5 - July 29th-August 2nd - Galaxy 

Week 6 - August 6th-9th - Red Carpet*

Week 7 - August 12th-16th - Pixar

Week 8 - August 19th-23rd - Medieval

*Due to a 1-day delayed start following the August long weekend, Week 6 is offered at the discounted rate of $239.00 for the week.

Read more about our Themes below!

Overnight Camp

Ages Vary - $470/Week

Overnight Camp runs Sunday evening to Friday afternoon

with Campers staying onsite overnight

Week 1  - June 30th-July 5th - Ages 7-11 - Sail the Seven Seas

Week 2 - July 7th-July 12th - Ages 11-15 - Around the World

Week 3 - July 14th-19th - Ages 7-11 - Christmas in July

Week 4 - July 21st-26th -Ages 11-15 - Campout

Week 5 - July 28th-August 2nd - Ages 7-11 - Galaxy 

Week 6 - August 5th-9th - Ages 11-15 - Red Carpet*

Week 7 - August 11th-16th - Ages 7-11 - Pixar

Week 8 - August 18th-23rd - Ages 11-15 - Medieval

*Due to a 1-day delayed start following the August long weekend, Week 6 is offered at the discounted rate of $374.00 for the week.

Read more about our Themes below!

Introducing our Summer 2024 Themes:

Week 1 - Sail the Seven Seas

Experience a week of high-seas fun at our ‘Sail the Seven Seas’ week, where kids can embark on pirate treasure hunts, mystical mermaid adventures, and sailing-themed activities. Join us for our ‘Under the Sea’ theme dinner!​

Week 2 - Around the World

Embark on a global adventure at our 'Around the World' themed week where young explorers will enjoy activities inspired by travel and experience the wonders of different regions of the world from music and dance to food and sports in recognition of the upcoming Olympics.

Week 3 - Christmas in July

Get into the festive spirit with our 'Christmas in July' themed week, filled with yuletide activities, merry decor, and a heartwarming family dinner.

Week 4 - Campout

Join our 'Campout' themed week where kids can enjoy outdoor adventures, exciting survival skill games, a cozy dinner under the stars, s'mores making, and more, all without leaving the city limits!

Week 5 - Galaxy

Embark on an intersteller journey during our 'Galaxy' themed week, where kids will explore the realms of space, engaging in epic adventures, and the worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more. 

Week 6 - Red Carpet

Get ready to shine at our 'Red Carpet' themed week, where kids can display their inner stars, walk the red carpet at our Gala dinner, and enjoy a week of Hollywood-inspired activities and blockbuster movie magic.

Week 7 - Pixar

Experience the magic of Pixar at our Kids camp week, featuring a world of adventure inspired by beloved films like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Cars, with fun activities that bring these animated classics to life.

Week 8 - Medieval

Step back in time to the age of knights, princesses, castles, and epic quests at our 'Medieval' camp where campers will engage in thrilling adventures such as building their own armour, encountering mythical dragons, or partaking in epic games.


Grades 9-12 - Costs Vary

CLTD stands for Christian Leadership Training and Discipleship.

This program was developed for teenaged youth who are serious about wanting to further their spiritual knowledge, and become leaders in their communities as well as other areas of their lives.

The CLTD program involves 3 consecutive summers of programming, and is open to those in grades 9-12. 

  • When does registration open and how does it work?
    Registration for summer camp opens on November 1st each year, which allows parents plenty of time to get their child(red) signed up for the camps and activities of their choice! By following the 'Register Now' button, you will be taken to our secure CampBrain database where you will be asked to create a profile. From there, follow the prompts to register for your selected week(s), remit payment, and wait for your confirmation email advising you that you're all squared away. *Please note that summer camp registration operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so we at Camp Chestermere strongly encourage parents to register as soon as possible in order to secure their preferences.
  • How can I request to put my child in the same cabin with their friend/relative?
    During registration, there will be a dedicated space on your "Camper Information Form" where we ask if your child(ren) would like to be placed in the same cabin as anyone else. Please note that these forms are what help us form our cabin assignments, so we ask that you ensure it's filled out properly with the first and last names of any friends/relatives your child(ren) would like to be placed with. Please note that while we do our best to accommodate cabin requests, Camp Chestermere cannot and does not provide any guarantees. Our programming is specifically designed for the age range of each cabin, and so it may not always be possible to place campers together if there is more than 12 months of an age gap between them.
  • What is the current availability per week?
    DAY CAMP AVAILABILITY - As of July 18, 2024 OVERNIGHT CAMP AVAILABILITY - As of July 18th, 2024
  • My child has been waitlisted. How likely is it that they will get a spot, and how will I find out if they've been accepted?
    Due to capacity, your application may be waitlisted for one or more sessions of your selected registration items. Please note that you will be advised immediately should space be made available, though we cannot predict nor guarantee your camper will be admitted. If you wish to secure a spot in one of our day or overnight camps, we strongly encourage you to register as early as possible (registration opens each year on November 1).
  • What times do I drop-off/pick-up my camper?
    Day camp drop-off runs between 8AM-9AM each morning of your selected camp, with early drop-off (7:30AM-8:00AM) available at an additional cost. Day camp pick-up runs from 4:15PM-5:00PM at the end of each day of your selected camp, with late pick-up (5:00PM-5:30PM) available at an additional cost. Overnight camp and CLTD sign-in begins at 6:00PM on the first day of your selected camp. Overnight camp and CLTD pick-up begins at 4:15PM on the last day of your selected camp, and runs until 5:30PM.
  • What should my child bring for their week of camp?
    A packing list and schedule will be sent to you via e-mail the Thursday before your week of camp. Please note this that e-mail will contain the most up to date information pertaining to your child(ren)s week, though if you wish to view in advance what sort of items your campers will be required to bring, you can find copies of these documents below. Please check your JUNK MAIL! Download the below attachment to view our Day Camp Packing List and Schedule: Download the below attachment to view our Overnight Camp Packing List and Schedule: Download the below attachment to view our CLTD Packing List and Schedule:
  • What does a typical day at Camp Chestermere look like?
    What a typical day looks like at Camp Chestermere will be largely dictated by the programming your child is registered for. In day camp, kids are greeted by their cabin leaders before getting started on the day's devotional. From there, they move into a day's rotation of activities which will prompt them to get outside and/or get creative! There are a few scheduled breaks for things like lunch, free-time, and—of course—a visit to Horton's Hut, our on-site tuck shop! In overnight camp, kids and youth jump right into the fun on night one with a cabin decoration contest, snack and fireside before bed. From there, each day includes 3 square meals, 1 snack, a trip to our on-site tuck shop Horton's Hut, and a rotation of pre-selected activities where they will dive deep into the craft or sport of their choice. All this, plus camp-wide events such as a scavenger hunt, movie nights, or beach time make for an action packed week full of meaningful devotionals and tons of fun!
  • How is the camp theme incorporated into my child's week?
    Our weekly themes are incorporated into our camps in a myriad of ways, including dress-up days, themed dinners, cabin decoration contests, daily devotionals, a camp-wide events and more!
  • What activities does Camp Chestermere offer during a week at camp?
    Activities include but are not limited to: archery, archery tag*, art spot/duct tape, axe throwing*, biking**, canoeing*, gladiators, kayaking, movie making**, power tubing, target shooting, wall climbing, and more! *Available only during our ages 11-15 overnight camps. **Available only during our ages 7-11 overnight camps. Day campers are provided the opportunity to rotate through each of our activities during their stay. This program serves as a great introduction to each of the activities offered here at Camp Chestermere! Overnight campers select their activities during the registration process. These selected activities include a far more in-depth curriculum, where your child will get the opportunity to try it a handful of times over the course of their week, and noticeably improve their skills! Archery: Led by qualified instructors, learn how to use a bow and arrow to hit the target! *Archery Tag: Using marshmallow-tipped arrows, shoot down your opponents as you take duck and cover between inflatable obstacles! Art Spot/Duct Tape: Get creative with limitless art supplies, from friendship bracelets to fun take-home crafts, to duct tape wallets, shoes, and more! *Axe Throwing: Led by qualified instructors, learn how to aim throwing axes at the target and land the perfect bullseye! **Biking: Follow your leader on a number of different routes around the southeast corner of Chestermere Lake! (Must bring your own bike and helmet.) *Canoeing: Buddy up and learn how to maneuver a canoe on Chestermere Lake! Gladiators: Gladiators is a combination of land-based and water-based obstacles—think of trying to push your opponent off the floating dock with pool noodles and more! Kayaking: Learn the basics of kayaking including launching, rowing, rescuing and more! **Movie Making: Create skits with your group, film them, edit them and take them home at the end of the week! Power Tubing: Sit on an inflatable tube and get pulled around behind one of our power boats across Chestermere Lake. Perfect for water lovers and thrill seekers! Target Shooting: Led by qualified instructors, use slingshots or air rifles to hit the target! Wall Climbing: Test your strength in our wall-climbing room on a variety of walls meant for different skill levels! *Available only during our ages 11-15 overnight camps. **Available only during our ages 7-11 overnight camps.
  • How does Camp Chestermere handle medication administration?
    If your camper requires treatment or medication administration during their time at camp, we ask that you please indicate as such on their "Medical Form" during registration. This form will intake all pertinent information such as what OTC (over the counter) medications we are permitted to administer to your camper, as well as what prescriptions they may be on, in what dosage and when to administer it. These forms are then provided to our certified medics, who will be collecting your child's medications during drop-off on the first day of your selected weeks. Campers are not permitted to keep any medication on their person or with their belongings in their cabin for any reason, with the exception of regularly-used inhalers or epipens. The medics will then coordinate visits with your child's cabin leader to ensure all medication is administered as directed.
  • What supervision is present at the waterfront?
    Camp Chestermere is located directly on the shores of Chestermere Lake, and we are so fortunate to be able to provide our campers with a private swim-hole during their waterfront experience! At all times, our waterfront is staffed with 2 certified lifeguards to oversee the waterfront. In addition to these 2 lifeguards, the children's cabin leaders operate in a 1:4 ratio (1 leader per every 4 campers) and are expected to be in the water, engaging with the children and keeping an eye on them for the entire duration of their activity block. We at Camp Chestermere understand the importance of waterfront safety and are fully equipped with life jackets, rescue equipment and emergency protocols in the event of a waterfront emergency.
  • Does Camp Chestermere offer special needs programming?
    Camp Chestermere is home to the Helping All Campers Succeed program, which provides specialized care ratios for children with special needs. Our Success team consists of specially trained cabin leaders who work in 1:1-1:3 capacities with children of varying physical or cognitive disabilities/delays. To sign up, please select the "Helping All Campers Succeed" session option during registration. This selection will populate a form where we collect further information about your child that we use to analyze how we can best support them during their stay, and ensure they are placed with a leader best suited to their needs. Please note that, while we endeavour to intake as many Success applications as we can, our Helping All Campers Succeed program does have a limited capacity per week due to funding. For the best chance at securing a week of 1:1-1:3 care for your child, we strongly encourage early registrations (registration opens November 1 each year).
  • My child has been waitlisted for the Helping All Campers Succeed program. What do I do now?
    Please note that our Helping All Campers Succeed program is oftentimes the first registration item to sell out due to its high demand. While we endeavour to intake as many Success applications as we can, our Success program does have a limited capacity per week due to funding. For the best chance at securing a week of 1:1-1:3 care for your child, we strongly encourage early registrations (registration opens November 1 each year). Although you may receive a confirmation of your registration for Camp, you may still be waitlisted for the Success program. If you have been waitlisted, our Success team lead will contact you sometime during the months of May-June to discuss the status of your application. Only the Success team lead can confirm your spot in the Success program for any given week. If a spot does not become available within one week of your selected camp, we will cancel your registration with 100% refund.
  • What type of training does your staff receive?
    Camp Chestermere's Seasonal Staff receives comprehensive training that covers everything we do at Camp Chestermere throughout the summer, including how to instruct all of our activities, lead devotionals, and deal with camp emergencies. Our Seasonal Leadership Team are all recipients of certified Standard First Aid Training, and all employees must submit to a Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check.
  • How many kids are in each cabin, and what is your leader to camper ratio?
    Our cabins are generated with a 1:4 ratio (1 leader to 4 campers), totalling 8 campers and 2 cabin leaders per group.
  • Does Camp Chestermere offer financial assistance?
    Camp Chestermere is home to the Jar Jar's Kids Program, which is a donations-based financial assistance program that helps send kids to camp who otherwise may not be able to do so. To apply for our Jar Jar's Kids program, you will need to fill out an application.
  • Does Camp Chestermere offer any discounts for registering multiple campers, or for registering for multiple weeks?
    Camp Chestermere offers a discounted rate of $20.00 off (per week) to families who book in 2 or more siblings. This discount is automatically applied at checkout and can be found on your "Household Account Statement" attached to your confirmation e-mail. While Camp Chestermere does not provide multi-week discounts, we do provide 10% off to those who book for a full summer (8+ weeks). To apply a full-summer discount, you first must contact our camp office.
  • What is Camp Chestermere's cancellation policy?
    Camp Chestermere's cancellation policy is as follows: - If you cancel your registration with 30 days or more in advance of your selected camp, you will receive a full refund of your registration fees. - If you cancel your registration between 15-29 days in advance of your selected camp, you will receive a 50% refund of your registration fees. - If you cancel your registration 0-14 days in advance of your selected camp, you will receive no refund of your registration fees. - No refunds will be provided for campers who are removed from programming for any reason once their week of camp has begun.

“The kids have non stop fun, meet new friends, and learn independence. Not to mention that manners, kindness and respect are abundant here. This place is truly a kids best staycation by far.”

“My daughter LOVED attending camp this year! The staff are fantastic with the kids and there is such a great atmosphere. We are very blessed to have this organization in our community!”

Jen A.

Amy M.

“The Success program has impacted my son in such an amazing way. His confidence has grown and he's willing to try new things. He feels like this camp is home and always looks forward to it."

Anne E.

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