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Christian Leadership Training & Discipleship Program (CLTD)

Applications Open Now!

All CLTD programs span two consecutive weeks*, with campers staying overnight on weekdays and heading home on weekends.

Drop-off is at 6 pm on Sundays**, and pickup is at 4 pm on Fridays.

*CLTD Year 3's are invited to Staff Training in addition to their week of programming and a practicum week.

** With the exception of CLTD Year 2 Week 2, which starts Mon

Year 1: Foundations

CLTD Year 1A | July 14 - July 26 | $560
CLTD Year 1B | Aug 11 - Aug 23 | $560

The goal of CLTD Year One: Foundations is for participants to gain a practical understanding of the Christian faith which is presented in a way that encourages active participation and faith growth. 

The teaching focuses on the big rocks of the faith. The things most important to Christianity. The things most prominent in the Scripture, the teachings of Jesus, and church history. The things that mean the most to most Christians. 

Serving other campers in practical ways, worship nights, 'Desert Island' and more

Guideline: Grade 9-11

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Year 2: Discipleship

CLTD Year 2 | July 28 - Aug 9 | $445
*Week 2 of this program starts on Monday evening, one day later, due to the long weekend

The goal of CLTD Year Two: Discipleship is to further develop both inner and outer spiritual practices. In year two we try to help CLTDs grow in their understanding of what Jesus was about so they can join him in his mission. 

 This program will continue to serve camp through tasks like dishes and seaweed but we go a step deeper into both Christian belief and practice. It has an increased focus on spiritual practices which is an important piece in figuring out what it means to live the Jesus way. It also includes teaching that helps get to the heart of who Jesus was so CLTDs can partner with him.

Ultimately year two is about owning your faith and living it out. 


Guideline: Grade 10-12

Year 3: Leadership

CLTD Year 3 | June 24 - July 12 | $280

The goal of CLTD Year Three: Leadership is to take a closer look at what it means to be a leader and to acquire hands-on practical skills for working at camp. 

The third year offers a lot of hands-on experience. This begins during staff training because CLTDs are welcome to attend the same staff training the other Seasonal Staff members receive.


The second week looks a lot like a typical week of CLTD. The final week is practicum week where CLTDs are put into a cabin where they can learn the roles of cabin leaders. Some of the CLTDs may be hired at this point. 

The actual curriculum for year three is focused on leadership from a Christian perspective. The week starts with a bit of a philosophical look at leadership and what it means to be a leader from a Christian perspective. It quickly gets practical though as CLTDs have a chance to talk to Team Leads and are taught how to develop their own devotionals. One that could be shared in a cabin with a group of campers. 

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