Employment Opportunities

Summer 2020 Employment

With our 2020 Summer Day Camp changing in quite a few ways, we have decided to close our application process and move to a more efficient system for the upcoming camp. We will be hand picking our 2020 team. However, if you would like us to know that you're interested in throwing your name into the mix of potential hires, please click below and contact our Assistant Director Collin Daws via email at assistantdirector@campchestermere.com

Hosting Opportunities

Camp Chestermere has a variety of rental groups that use our property throughout the year. These groups require hosts to help them with their various needs. As a host, your duties may include, but aren't limited to: cleaning up after the group, setting up areas for the groups needs, cleaning dishes, setting up and running meal times, being on call for any emergencies, etc.


We are currently looking for part-time hosts who can work when needed. Hosts may need to stay overnight if the group requires. Click on the button below to contact our Assistant Director - Collin Daws to learn more about some potential hosting positions.



All year round, we invite volunteers to come out and give their time in various ways. If you are ever interested in volunteering your time for our non-profit camp, please feel free to browse our support section, or contact Vic our Site Coordinator at: sitecoordinator@campchestermere.com

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