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at Camp Chestermere

Year Round Job Opportunities

Food Services Coordinator

Camp Chestermere is currently hiring for a permanent, full-time Food Services Coordinator.

For more information pertaining to the role and responsibilities, qualifications and requirements, or how to apply, please select the position below.

Applications open NOW!

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Seasonal Leadership Team

Camp Chestermere offers a variety of positions to our Seasonal Leadership Team members. This team works closely with the Year Round Team to prepare for and oversee different aspects  summer camp. These roles may include but are not limited to Team Leads, CLTD Leaders, Medics, Lifeguards, Programs Team, and Kitchen Leads. 

Applications will open soon! Keep an eye on our social media for announcements!

Check Back Soon!

Seasonal Leadership Job Opportunities

Seasonal Staff Job Opportunities

Seasonal Staff Team

Camp Chestermere hires a large team of Seasonal Staff members in the months of July and August. This team is primarily assigned as Cabin Leaders, but may also work on the kitchen team, maintenance work crew, or Helping All Campers Succeed team — there's a job for every skillset or interest.

Applications open February 1, 2024 this year!

Check Back Soon!
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