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Thanks for Being Part of Camp Chestermere!

On this page you will find some fun and exciting resources such as where you can find our supporting churches, mental health support links, songs and bible verses we sing at camp, and photos of summer memories!

See you in Summer 2024!



Supporting Churches 

We are blessed to have so many supporting churches! If you're looking for a church near you, check out our list by clicking here.

Fireside Songs

Heard a song you liked during fireside? Checkout our playlist!

Upcoming Events

Click here to find out about what's going on at Camp and how you can join in!


Bible Verses

Be encouraged by some Bible verses for whatever mood you're in or want to learn about by clicking here. 

Weekly Photos

Click here to scroll through our weekly highlight photos from the summer and relive your favourite memories!

Mental Health Resources

Click here to find some mental health resources. Please reach out to us at Camp to ask for prayer too.

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