Summer 2020 - Week 6 Update

So, I know because we have 13 weeks of camp this summer we are not actually half way through, but I figured we are close enough. And I thought that maybe at the halfway point some may wonder what camp in COVID-19 actually looks like. Let me start with what I miss. I miss Fireside. I miss having incredible speakers like Justin Bills, Alison Springer, Connie Jakab, and so many more coming and speaking at Fireside. I miss worship. I miss Deuce leading worship. I've said it before and I will say it again, I believe the man is talented enough to be leading worship around the world. I miss campers and staff jumping up and down, singing, yelling, cheering, crying, dancing, hugging, holding each oth

Summer 2020 Week 5 Update

Well, I am still a week behind on updates and so this will be the Week 5 Update and then I will send the Week 6 Update shortly. Week 5 was a special week for Hockey Mom and I as we celebrated our 19 wedding anniversary. However, the week ended a little rough for Hockey Mom as she underwent knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Nothing like adding recovery from surgery to the list of things to do while running a camp in a pandemic. But the surgery is actually an answer to prayer and Hockey Mom is on the mend. We had a special guest come and volunteer with us in our kitchen this week. Our MLA Leela Aheer came and helped for a few hours and it was great to have her. She took a tour around th

A Bit Late - But A Good Story - Week 4 Update 2020

I would like to do the update for this week with just a story. One of our Helping All Campers Succeed children was having a really rough week. When she gets really stressed and upset she tends to use some, shall we say, "colourful language." I mean, she uses phrases that will put men's league hockey players to shame. The Cohort she was working in was a particularly energetic cohort and it really was not working well for this child. The child was swearing at the children in the cohort and a parent of one of the other children called me because he was concerned about the language that the Success Camper was using. As I started working with the Success Camper, she had a complete meltdown. She

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