Summer 2018 - Week 4 Update

Well, we are one day into Week 5 which means we are just over half way through the summer. It has been a very busy summer with full camps which has been awesome. I just left the lodge where during lunch a dance party to The Macarena and The Chicken Dance broke out which was soon followed by a whole room rendition of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. Yup, it's kids camp. I'm now sitting at a picnic table in the middle of the camp watching a furious game of gaga ball, which just had a major crisis because the ball exploded and so we are madly scrambling to buy another one, campers are in the middle of the lake in kayaks, beach time is in full swing and the boat is getting loaded up with another gr

Summer 2018 - Week 3 Update

Well it is hard to believe but Week 4 has begun and we are almost halfway through the summer. July is flying by. But the weather has been pretty good for the most part and we have had a lot of campers having a lot of fun and enjoying their camp experience. Check out some of the highlights from Week 3. Week 3 Highlights Week 3 was Kids Camp again, Ages 7 - 11, and the theme was Dr. Seuss. Our Programs Team did an awesome job incorporating the theme throughout the week. You should have been here to see all of the costumes at the theme dinner. In terms of numbers, Week 3 saw 120 campers in Overnight, 88 campers in Day Camp and 12 young people finish their first year of CLTD. So good to see full

Summer 2018 Week 2 Update

Good afternoon supporters of Camp Chestermere, Well it is a hot one today as we enter Week 3 of Summer 2018. This weather is amazing for camp. We are just having to constantly remind our leaders to constantly be reminding their campers to HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE and when they have done so to HYDRATE again. Oh, and sunscreen is a big thing this week to. But this weather just makes Summer Camp so much more fun. Week 2 Update Week 2 was Middle Camp, Ages 11 - 15, and the theme was Star Wars. Our Programs Team did an AMAZING job of incorporating the theme into all of the activities. The theme dinner with the hanging Storm Trooper balloon heads was awesome. Was such a creative and fun

Summer 2018 Week 1 Update

Well, it is hard to believe but as I was starting to write this we were setting up for Week 2. Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) and and Programs Lead Courtney (Crayola) were training new staff and some staff who missed sessions during staff training, Brown 2 bathroom was getting a quick overhaul due to a leak, and the worship team was having their practice for the week. But I didn't quite get the update completed. Now we have 107 new Overnight Campers onsite and Week 2 is underway. But I'll update more about Week 2 next week. For now, here are some updates from Week 1. Week 1 Highlights Week 1 was Kids Camp, Ages 7 - 11. We had 115 Overnight Campers, 42 Day Campers, and 22 3rd Year CLTD's.

Jar-Jar's Kids

Hello supporters of Camp Chestermere, As you may know, Camp Chestermere runs a Financial Assistance Program called Jar Jar's Kids. Our program is named after a former staff member Jordan Caldwell who's camp name was Jar Jar. Jar Jar was killed in an accident in February of 2016. Jar Jar loved kids and loved working with kids and so it seemed only fitting to rename our Financial Assistance Program after him. It is our philosophy that no camper should be refused access to camp because of the financial circumstances of their family. We strive to bring in as many campers as we can to ensure that all have the chance to experience camp life. Requests this year for Financial Assistance are up

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