Summer 2016 Week 2

Well, since puns seem to be all the rage at Camp Chestermere, let me just say that Week 2 was a very electrifying experience. Literally. A bad thunderstorm rolled through Chestermere on Monday night and there was some of the loudest thunder I've ever heard. Two of our main buildings were hit during the storm. The first lightning strike struck an electrical pole on the Chap and some campers watched as the electricity danced along the power lines. We called emergency services and the fire department came out right away and checked on everything and assured us that we were ok. They also put in a phone call to Fortis Alberta who also came and assured us that the Chap was fine. Then less than 30

Summer 2016 Week 1

AND WE'RE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have completed Week 1 of Summer 2016 and it was a huge success. Week 1 was a 7 - 11 year old kids camp and we had 89 Overnight Campers, 54 Day Campers and 15 3rd year CLTDs. With Carnival as the theme, we had a great kick off to the summer. There were many highlights from the week and I wish I could share them all but these things take time and there is still lots to do. But the intention of these emails is to give you a taste of what is happening at camp and to remind you of what it is you support and are praying for. So, to start off with, we are blessed this year with lots of staff and so we are able to have a few people on a work crew who are comple

Staff Training Weekly Update

Good afternoon everyone, Last week we held our annual staff training and it was amazing. Not including Year Round and Seasonal Leadership, we have 90!!!!!!!! staff for the summer. Including Year Round and Seasonal Leadership we are close to 120 staff!!!!!!!!! That's amazing. Seriously, we have too many staff and not enough positions. What an incredible problem to have. I think it speaks to the work that our Year Round Team has been doing of living our values and truly striving to be a place to belong. In our first week here at camp we have two people in every cabin, including in Overnight and Day Camp, 7 people on a work crew and 4 volunteers in the kitchen. Having a Work Crew is an amazing

Facilities Update (Weekly Update...... sort of)

Hello everyone, So I know it has been a little while since you all have heard from me and if I were to do a regular weekly update then I would end up having to write an epic novel to include everything that has been going on. So, I've decided to break up the updates into smaller bits. Over the next few days, you'll receive a few updates of things that have been happening at Camp Chestermere over the spring. This update will focus on the facilities upgrades we have made. As you're about to see, we have done a ton of work around the site. Our team continues to receive complements on how good the site is looking. You'll hear this a few times throughout this update but thank you to all of those

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