Update: November 3-9

Good afternoon everyone, Ummm, can someone please tell me how it is almost Remembrance Day already? Forget October, where did September go? Time is flying by way too fast. Pretty soon we will be welcoming a new Seasonal Leadership Team to Camp Chestermere and having Summer Camps again. Yikes. Seems like summer only ended yesterday. Anyone know any good strategies to slow time down????? It's budget season right now at Camp Chestermere. The board meets tonight to discuss the proposed budget for the 2015 - 2016 year. Things are looking better financially speaking at Camp right now then they have looked in some time which is amazing. I believe that there are a number of contributing factors to t

Update: Oct 17-Nov 2

Hello everyone, Well, I guess this will have to be a bit of a monthly update as opposed to a weekly update since I have been so delinquent on these lately but man have we been busy lately at camp. Being busy is great as it helps keeps the lights on and the doors open but man, it makes it tough to write weekly updates. Plus the family is now into full swing with fall programs as Evan is playing hockey, Julia in girl guides and basketball and Michelle doing a ton of decorating projects for our church and the camp. Then there's my hockey and I decided it would be fun to separate my shoulder last week so ya know, it's busy. And somewhere in there we find time to sleep. Whew. But, camp is good. G

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