Summer 2020 Week 5 Update

Well, I am still a week behind on updates and so this will be the Week 5 Update and then I will send the Week 6 Update shortly.

Week 5 was a special week for Hockey Mom and I as we celebrated our 19 wedding anniversary. However, the week ended a little rough for Hockey Mom as she underwent knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Nothing like adding recovery from surgery to the list of things to do while running a camp in a pandemic. But the surgery is actually an answer to prayer and Hockey Mom is on the mend.

We had a special guest come and volunteer with us in our kitchen this week. Our MLA Leela Aheer came and helped for a few hours and it was great to have her. She took a tour around the camp to see how we were running the Day Camps and offered some insights as to how things are going at the provincial level. The hardest part for her was not being able to hug everyone as she greeted them. Those of you who know our MLA know she is a hugger. But it was great and my daughter Julia (Jewel) did a great job mentoring Leela in the kitchen.

The end of Week 5 brought some very exciting news. We received news that a grant we had applied for through the Calgary Foundation was approved for $75 000. We are proud to report that The Social Distancing Day Camps is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Calgary Foundation. This is a huge blessing to our organization.

A fun story from this week comes from our Medic, Soup. One of the qualities that I love about Soup is she jumps in and helps everywhere. When she is not mending scrapes and bruises you can find her on a mower, or trimming trees, or cleaning or doing whatever needs to be done. Well, these efforts do not go unnoticed by the campers. One camper this week would see Soup throughout the week and would often greet her with, “Hello, grass-cutter medic!” Love it.

Week 5 was also special because the end of the week saw the first group of 2020 CLTD 3rd years graduate. While it looked a little different due to the COVID-19 guidelines, it was still an amazing time. We held a BBQ for families of the grads, a ceremony down at the Gazebo and then of course the traditional jump into the lake. AND, all 7 graduates were hired on as staff for Week 6. Another 9 CLTD's will attend in Week 6 and, because I am writing this at the end of Week 6, I am proud to announce that all 9 of those CLTD's were hired as well. Thanks to CLTD Coordinator Erik (Baloo) and CLTD Leader Alissa (Star) for all of your incredible work with CLTDs. It is hard to believe that just over six weeks ago we weren't sure if CLTD was even going to happen and now we have had two classes graduate and move into staff positions.

I just took a peek at the calendar to see if there was anything I had missed for this update and saw that my calendar said, "Staff Training Week." There are many moments during the pandemic where it doesn't even seem real and I certainly under appreciate how much things have changed. Here I am writing an update for Week 5 when this was supposed to be the end of Staff Training. These certainly are unprecedented times.

Thank you for your ongoing love, support, prayers and concern. We are looking forward to the final 7 weeks of summer.



Shannon Dean

Camp Director