Summer 2020 Week 3 Update

When a Tree Falls at Camp

Well, Week 2 was barely over and Week 3 had already started. On Friday night June 12, I received a phone call from my son that I needed to get back to the camp asap as Down Under was flooding. A number of staff and myself were out having dinner together and quickly rushed back to the camp. Upon returning we found that not only was Down Under flooding but a tree that was right beside Brown 4 had been hit by lightning, had come crashing down and just barely missed Brown 3. However, the falling tree took out the powerline running to Brown 1, 2 and 3. A huge thank you to the number of Seasonal Staff who came back to the camp on Friday night to help us get everything cleaned up.

I want to take a moment and brag about our community. While there was next to no damage to any of our cabins, we did lose a powerline. Last week when Lakeridge Community Church was here renovating Brown 4b, one of their volunteers approached us and said he would like to come and volunteer on an ongoing basis. Whelp, turns out he's an electrician. How's that for timing? Thanks Tim Knopp for coming and rehooking everything up. BUT, when you lose power because a powerline gets taken out, you gots to get the electrician up a pole. So I sent out a plea on Facebook and wow did our community respond. Camp soon had a ladder that was tall enough from Dan Richard, a relationship we have through our partnership with the Rocky View Chestermere Agricultural Society, and then I got a phone call about a bucket truck. So on Thursday, Fortis came to kill the power, Tim fixed the power line and was given a huge lift (sorry couldn't resist) from Dallas McIntyre from McIntyre Crane. HUGE thank you to our community for helping us out and props to

Week 3 Update

One of the fun updates from Week 3 is the wildlife who have decided to move in and make their home at Camp Chestermere. We have the usual bird nests throughout the camp but we have some much larger wildlife that seemed to have moved in this year. A family of geese, mom, dad and the most adorable goslings decided that the waterfront is their home for the next little while and we have a deer who seems to have moved into Camp Chestermere as well. We have affectionately started to call her Jennifer. And Jennifer has some babies. Camp Chestermere, A Place to Belong, for wildlife too.

While we are following all of the guidelines as set out by AHS, when you're here during the day, camp is camp. Kids riding bikes, being on the beach, shooting arrows, power tubing, doing devotions, playing games and just enjoying all things camp. It is great having the children back onsite and the staff are doing a phenomenal job of keeping it fun for the children while keeping everyone safe. However, we sure do miss Fireside and can't wait until we are able to gather together again in the Chap.

Guest Services Relaunch

Friday saw the relaunch of our Guest Services Program. We are once again taking bookings and more information about this will be coming this week. We are launching a whole new set of booking possibilities that will fall within the AHS COVID-19 Guidelines. Watch for the updates that are coming this week.

Social Media

I would really like to encourage you that if you do not follow us on social media then you really should. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and have our own Youtube Channel. We post..... a lot and it is a great way to stay connected to what is happening at the camp.

Final Thoughts

I've had a song on repeat this week. The song is Another in the Fire by Hillsong. I must have played this song nearly 100 times this week. COVID-19 has been a thing and there is so much going on in the world right now that it can be difficult to watch the news or be on social media. Someone said to me last week that I am someone who tends to carry the emotions of a room. Well, I have been carrying a lot of emotions lately and I will admit that it has not been an easy few months. But I can't escape the truth of this song or of these words.

There's a grace when the heart is under fire

Another way when the walls are closing in

And when I look at the space between

Where I used to be and this reckoning

I know I will never be alone

So take a few moments. Find a quiet place. Listen, reflect and know there is another in the fire. Blessings.


Shannon Dean

Camp Director

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