Summer 2020 Week 2 Update

We are so thankful and blessed to have had the weather we have had for the first two weeks of Day Camp. Being able to have the campers outdoors all day is super helpful for us when running our programming under the COVID-19 Guidelines. While our numbers still remain a little lower than we would like, this update contains a lot of celebration items.

Week 2

Week 2 saw another three cohorts of campers come and have an amazing time. I am not sure what a good day at the office looks like for you, but when you run a camp, here's what a good day looks like. Thursday is dress up day at Camp Chestermere and on Thursday morning I was walking around doing my usual saying hi to parents, campers and staff during drop off. I suddenly hear this roar behind me and I turn around and The Incredible Hulk, Ironman and a pirate are all charging at me and a cabin leader dressed as a pirate, complete with a monkey on her shoulder, standing behind them grinning ear to ear. Yup, that's a good day at the office. Earlier in the week I walked into the Lodge and randomly stumbled upon four of our leaders having a conversation about worship. I wasn't there for all of it but there was this whole conversation happening about worship and encouragement people get from worship and encouragement they had been getting through this time through worship. Yup, those two stories describe Camp Chestermere. Superheroes, pirates, kids, worship. Sounds about right.

Needs Being Met - Mowers, Grants and Cabins

Tuesday saw a huge surprise for our Site Coordinator Vic (Papa Smurf) when a brand new lawn mower showed up at. Evan Dewald, pastor at Lakeridge Community Church, a church we love and where my family attends, arranged through Varico Foundation to have a lawn mower donated to Camp Chestermere. This is a huge blessing to the camp and tangibly meets a very real need that we had. And yup, there was a tear or two as Papa Smurf rode on his new toy. And this is what I love about the heart of Lakeridge. Lakeridge values being in the community, discovering needs in the community and then they work towards meeting those needs. Thanks Lakeridge and Varico Foundation for all you do for our community. And speaking of Lakeridge, they finished the work on Brown 4b this week. As you know, Camp Chestermere has had a number of different organizations step up to renovate our Brown Cabins. This was made possible by a generous grant from the Conrich Recreation Board. Well, 4b has now been completed leaving only Brown 4a which is being completed by the Chestermere Rotary Club. We are so grateful for all those who stepped up to renovate the Brown Cabins and hope to have a community celebration in the fall. But the good news does not stop there. This week we received news that we were successful in obtaining a grant from the United Way for $8,937.50 for our Jar Jar's kids program. This is a tremendous blessing to our camp as it means we will be able to help even more children come to camp who otherwise would not have been able to do so. Thank you to the United Way and the COVID-19 Community Response Fund Stewardship Group.

CLTD Program

This week also saw the launch for registrations for CLTD 2020. The CLTD Program will start on June 29 with the CLTD Team being hired on June 15 to start planning. The CLTD Program is going to be entirely funded by the grant we received from the Chestermere FCSS / United Way. Because we are still not approved for Overnight Camps, the CLTD Program will run like a Day Camp. As per the Alberta Government Guidance for Daycamps Document, groups can only be a total of 10 and so there will be 8 CLTD's and 2 leaders per group. The CLTD Leadership team is CLTD Coordinator Erik Davis (Baloo) and CLTD Leader Alissa Tremblay (Star). Below is a quick snapshot.

  • CLTD Programming Weeks and Cost

  • June 29 - July 3 - 3rd Year CLTD Group 1 ($200)

  • July 6 - July 10 - 3rd Year CLTD Group 2 ($200)

  • July 13 - July 17 - 1st Year CLTD Group 1 ($250)

  • July 20 - July 24 - 1st Year CLTD Group 2 ($250)

  • July 27 - July 31 - 2nd Year CLTD Group 1 ($200)

  • August 3 - August 7 - 2nd Year CLTD Group 2 ($200

  • August 10 - August 14 - 1st Year CLTD Group 3 ($250)