Summer 2020 Week 1 of Day Camps

Hello from Camp Chestermere,

Week 1

Well, we did it. We ran our first week of Day Camp under the new guidelines as it relates to COVID-19 and it was a successful week. We had lots of great feedback from parents, staff and most importantly campers. Success was had as children and parents went home with a smile on their face and they want to come back. Now for Week 2!!!!!

Of course with campers being back on site it increases our chances for funny and cute stories and Week 1 did not let us down. One day I walked into the lobby of the lodge and our Day Camp Team Lead Vendetta and one of our Cohort Leaders Misty were kneeling in front of a camper who had a towel to her head and she was obviously in a little distress. Allow me to paint a picture. Two leaders, wearing masks, kneeling in front of a young girl with a towel on her head with some tears flowing. This is usually a sign for a bad day at the office. I asked if I could help and both leaders were like, "no, no Coach, we got this." Later I learned what happened. This poor little girl was doing Duct Tape Art and decided to put the duct tape on her face....... eye brows. Well...... it got stuck. So Misty brought her to the Lodge. Thinking, "hey, Hockey Mom is a mom" they bring the little girl to Hockey Mom. Whelp, even as a mom of two, this was a new one for Hockey Mom and so off they went to google "how to get duct tape off of eyebrows." After using warm water and soap, they finally get the duct tape off and the eyebrows are saved. YAY!!!!! Except, then the little girl says, "I'm allergic to soap." After a moment of panic it was quickly realized that no, the little girl was not allergic to soap. Yup, welcome back to camp.

The best part for me in having the camp open is having staff, campers and parents back onsite. This is what we do. This is who we are. We are a people organization. My heart has been full this week as I have been able to interact with parents, campers and staff. It feels like us.

Keep Camp Alive

But the financial impacts of COVID-19 are still deeply being felt at Camp Chestermere. We are running on a super thin budget, taking advantage of as many programs as we can and working to deliver a quality program but on an extremely tight and reduced budget. Please know that while we are open, our numbers so far are lower than we would like them to be. Until we are able to raise our registration numbers, host Overnight Camp and host user groups, we are still facing some uncertain times as an organization. We would encourage you to continue to participate in our Keep Camp Alive Campaign, in our Pratts Grocery Program and to let gradutles know about our Grad Photos Program. We have been super blessed through the campaign so far and I am always amazed at what can happen when people come together in faith. Again, Keep Camp Alive is about 1500 people donating $25 a month for 8 months or a one time donation of $200. For more information on our Keep Camp Alive Campaign we invite you to go to our website.

We also continue to receive donations of items for our Day Camp Program. Things like toys, books, sports equipment, beach toys and more continue to come in. THANK YOU. We could really use items for crafts. If you have craft items that can be done by a group of 8 children then we would be grateful for these.

I invite you to check out our social media pages as we have been honoring all of the people who walked in A Walk to Remember.

Our Hearts and Prayers Go Out To Other Camps Who Are Not Operating

We understand that many camps, both inside and outside of our CCI family will not be running summer programming this summer. Please know that our hearts and prayers go out to you and we pray that you will be able to make it through these uncertain times. To not be able to run the thing that makes us...... well us..... is heartbreaking to hear about.

Thank You

There's a lot that is happening in our world right now and there is so much emotion and heartbreak. In a time when the world seems so uncertain and there is so much happening that it can be overwhelming for anyone, camp can be the perfect place for a child. Summer camp is a place where children are allowed to grow and develop with others in their own age group. Camp helps many to put aside their worries and cares, if even for a short while, and helps campers grow independence and self-esteem, develop new interests, appreciate nature, get active and build amazing memories. Many adults today cite summer camp as the place where they made friends that lasted a lifetime, where they developed skills and where they developed positively as a person. Camp is also a place that many recognize as the place that had a formative impact on their faith. For all these reasons and more, we thank you for your ongoing support of Camp Chestermere. Please continue to follow us on all of our social media platforms for up to date information.


Shannon Dean

Camp Director

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