May 22 Update

Good afternoon everyone,

I just wanted to send a quick update about some things that are happening at Camp Chestermere.

Staffing Update

We are excited to announce that Assistant Director Collin Daws (Deuce), Office Administrator Natasha Karcz (Shut Eye) and Site Coordinator Vic Niekraszewicz (Papa Smurf) all started back at work this week. The donations made to Keep Camp Alive and the reopening of Day Camp have made this possible. We continue to work towards getting CLTD Coordinator Erik Davis (Baloo) and Kitchen Lead Michelle Dean (Hockey Mom) back on staff as well.

Day Camp 2020

We have been approved to run Day Camp in Summer 2020. Day Camps will start on Monday June 1 and will run until the end of August. Day Camp Registration launched at 9am this morning. We are very busy right now putting everything into place so that we can safely reopen. We have been working very closely with the Chestermere Emergency Management Agency (CHEMA) and our Health Inspector and are super thankful for their guidance, insight and support. An update about CLTD will be coming in the next week or so.

A Walk To Remember

Another thing that launched at 9am this morning was our A Walk to Remember that is being led by Erik Davis. We have 12 people who are completing 8 laps around the lake over the next two days. Yup, they are doing all of this in the rain. The total distance they are walking is 80 km. Each walker has been collecting pledges to support this campaign with all of the proceeds going to our Keep Camp Alive Campaign. If you would like to make a donation to help encourage them on this journey then please contact us at

Keep Camp Alive

While we are excited to be running Day Camp again and are thrilled that this will be a source of revenue for us, we are still running our Keep Camp Alive Campaign. The initial response to this campaign has been great and we want to keep this momentum going. Some may be thinking, now that Day Camp is up and running, camp may not need to run the Keep Camp Alive initiative. This is not true. Even though it is great that we are able to run Day Camp, we have still lost 50% of our summer programming and we still cannot host guest groups. As a result, the Keep Camp Alive Campaign is still crucial to our long term financial stability. A reminder that the goal of this program is for 1500 people to donate $25 a month for 8 months, May - December 2020, or to make a one time donation of $200. Thank you to those who have already made a commitment to this program and please continue to help spread the word about this very important and vital initiative.

Pratts Grocery Program

Another revenue stream we have created is our Pratts Grocery Program. If you're looking for a way to get your groceries and not have to stand in line or even leave your house then we have the program for you. Pratts has created premade grocery boxes that you can order through Camp Chestermere. Please contact me for more information.

Grad Photos

While I was writing this update, we received word that our Grad Photos Proposal has been approved by CHEMA. We will be taking photos of graduates and their families here at the camp. The cost is $50 and $20 will go to the Chestermere Food Bank, $20 to Camp Chestermere and $10 to the photographer. More information on this will be released very shortly. Please pass this information on to any grade 12 you may know who may be looking to do photos in their grad dress of suit.


We are still in desperate need of volunteers to help us out, especially now that we are getting ready to reopen. Please contact me if you have time to come and help us out.

A Thought To End

Thanks for staying with us. Both through this email and through this time. This COVID-19 pandemic has been such an unprecedented time. I attended a webinar a few weeks back where the gentleman who was running it talked about how one of the things that makes this season so hard is that not only do we not know what the future holds, we don't know when we will know our future. I am glad I know Who holds my future and the future of this ministry. I am not sure there is anything more powerful than when people come together in faith, no matter what season we are in. As some of you know, I listen to worship music while I am working. This has become especially important over these past few weeks. Last week, I See Heaven by Bryan and Katie Torwalt came on and I had it on repeat for a while. I actually started walking around the site and prophesying over the camp that "I see Glory falling in this place and I see hope restored, the healing of all disease."

I have attached the song The Blessing that was recorded by worship leaders from across Canada. Take 7 minutes and enjoy. May it bless you and give you peace in these unusual times.


Shannon Dean

Camp Director

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