Keep Camp Alive

Hello from Camp Chestermere, Earlier this week, Camp Chestermere launched it's Keep Camp Alive Campaign.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on individuals, families, businesses, organizations, ministries and charities across the world. These have been difficult times for everyone and we empathize with the difficult situations that many are in. You can help Camp Chestermere get through this difficult time by participating in our Keep Camp Alive Campaign. We have not been able to generate revenue since March 12 and Summer 2020 is still uncertain. The goal of Keep Camp Alive is for 1500 people to donate $25 per month for 8 months, May - December 2020, or to make a one time donation of $200. Any donation at this time would help and all donations of $20 or more are tax receiptable. Your giving will help Camp Chestermere pay the bills, will allow us to keep our staff employed during this difficult time, and will Keep Camp Alive. Again, we empathize with our community that this is a difficult time for all as many are losing jobs and the future looks uncertain. Our hope is that by your being involved in this campaign that you will feel a sense of taking action and being involved in an incredibly worthwhile cause. I believe in a big God who answers prayers and I am amazed in all times and in all seasons of what can happen when His people come together in faith.

To participate in the campaign, simply go to:

We understand that at this time some may not be able to financially contribute. We invite you to share this program on your social media platforms by liking and sharing the program from our social media platforms. Help us spread the word about this initiative. We have a video about our campaign on all of our social media platforms. Thank you for being a part of the last 80 years of Camp Chestermere and thank you for helping us to create 80 more years of incredible experiences for people. Thank you and stay safe,

Shannon Dean

Camp Director