A Chance to Help and Get Outside

Hello from Camp Chestermere,

Three questions:

  • Are you looking for a practical way to help a local not-for-profit organization?

  • Are looking for a way to get out of the house and do something outside?

  • Would you like to do something as a family?

If yes, then Camp Chestermere has a solution for you.

Camp Chestermere has been working with CHEMA to develop protocols so as to have volunteers onsite helping us to clean up around the camp. Clean up projects include:

  • Raking up twigs, leaves, grass, and other debris

  • Cleaning up the ditches around the camp

  • Trimming some of our trees and bushes

  • Cleaning up our beach front area including the swimming hole, around our dock and around the island

  • Picking up garbage around the site

I will share all of the protocol details with you after you "sign up" but for now, please know there are some really important things you need to make note of:

  • You must book a time to come by emailing me and then I will confirm the time. Please do not just come to the site.

  • We have divided the site into sections and so when you come, either by yourself or with your household, we will have you working in a section so as to social distance

  • Each time you come you will need to answer a COVID19 wellness related questionnaire

  • We would encourage you to bring your own gloves, rakes, hedge clippers, or whatever is needed for that job.

  • If you'd like to help around our dock and swim hole then rubber boots will be a must and this will need to be done soon, before the lake is filled in.

Please respond to this email if you are interested in helping. When you respond please let me know:

  1. When you would like to come

  2. What you may be interested in doing

  3. How many people are coming with you. Families are welcome to do this together.

  4. Do you have an expertise in an area or equipment you could bring. For example, we could use things like a scissors lift or bobcat for some tasks

People can start coming as early as Monday April 27. We will welcome people onsite anytime after 10 am and up until it gets dark. Thanks and I look forward to seeing people out helping us out.