Update from Camp Chestermere

Good afternoon and an early Merry Christmas from Camp Chestermere.

I just wanted to send a quick update about some things that have been happening at Camp Chestermere over the past couple of weeks and to re-invite you to engage in our Christmas Giving Campaign. Please see below for some exciting updates.

Mayors Breakfast

On Thursday November 28, 2019, Camp Chestermere, on behalf of the Chestermere Chamber of Commerce, hosted the Mayor's Breakfast. This was a great opportunity for businesses and residents to hear some updates from the mayor about the work he and council have done in 2019 and plans for 2020. Special shout out to Kitchen Lead Michelle (Hockey Mom) for the incredible amount of work she put into getting all of the food ready for the breakfast and another shout out to Site Coordinator Vic (Papa Smurf) for his work in helping to host the event. The breakfast was a great success and we look forward to a continued partnership with the Chamber of Commerce.

Grant Updates

We have heard back from Chestermere Family and Community Support Services / United Way on grants that we applied for. We are excited to announce that we received $14237.20 for our Helping All Campers Succeed Program, $8525.60 for our Volunteer Mentorship Program and $13360.00 for our CLTD Program. HUGE thank you to FCSS and United Way Chestermere for these incredible blessings for the camp. All of this money will go a long way in supporting the campers who attend Camp Chestermere.

This week we applied for several other grants through a variety of organizations. We have applied for grants for our Jar Jar's Kids Program, Archery Tag, finishing the Brown Cabins Project and for more funding for our #legocampc Campaign. Because these are in progress applications I cannot give details as to who we applied to but I would ask that you please keep these applications in your prayers. In fact, while I was typing this email I received a positive phone call on one of these applications from the organization we applied to. YAY!!!! All of these grants are needed in order for us to improve on the work we do here at Camp Chestermere and to help campers and clients have a better overall experience while attending camp.

One other note on grants, as you may be aware, the provincial government has made the decision to cut Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) Funding for 2020. What this means for us is that we will have to cut three positions for Summer 2020. This is not great news for the camp and the loss of these positions will be felt by the camp. Camp Chestermere Year Round Team Members and members from the Board of Directors have reached out to their local MLA's to ask them to reconsider this decision. Please feel free to consider doing the same.

Christmas Giving Campaign

We have started to receive a few donations from our Christmas Giving Campaign and we are very thankful for these. We cannot do the work we do here at Camp Chestermere without the generous support of our donors. Like many other not-for-profits we have noticed a dip in our donations. While you’re celebrating this joyous season with family and friends, reflecting upon all of the blessings in your life, we would hope that you will keep Camp Chestermere in your holiday plans and consider setting aside part of your budget to support the important work being done here at Camp Chestermere. Donations of $20 or more made prior to December 31, 2019 will receive a tax-deductible charitable receipt.

Two programs / projects that you could give towards include:

  • Jar Jar’s Kids

  • This past summer, Camp Chestermere awarded over $37,000.00 to more than 90 families in need of financial assistance. Nearly 150 kids who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend camp, came and experienced ‘A Place to Belong’.

  • Let Everyone Grow Our Camp Chestermere (#legocampc)

  • At our May Fundraiser we launched #legocampc. For this project, we raised money for our HVAC Systems, a new floor scrubber, and for renovations to the Hex. New air conditioning units were installed in the Chapel and Lodge Dining Room this summer and new furnaces were installed in Brown 5/6 and Brown 1. The goal for this project is $148,000 of which we have raised $79, 311. With your help we can raise the remaining $68,689.

2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Camp Chestermere is hosting our 2nd Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!! We want to show our appreciation for you by throwing a party filled with games, appetizers, and good times! We want people who have given time to Camp Chestermere over the years to connect and build relationships. This is not just an event for staff from Summer 2019, but rather an event to connect former and current staff/volunteers under one roof. Significant others are invited. Make sure to wear your ugly Christmas sweater as there will be prizes available.You are invited to bring a monetary donation for Camp Chestermere and our #LegoCampC Campaign, however, this is not mandatory. Please contact Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) at assistantdirector@campchestermere.com for more information.

Seasonal Leadership & Seasonal Staff Applications Online Now!

Applications are now open for Seasonal Leadership and Seasonal Staff for 2020. While it may seem like a long way off, The Year Round Staff are already busily planning for Summer 2020. In fact, we have already had a number of parents signing their children up for camp which is always exciting. Camper Registration and Staff Applications have been open since November 1 and we are already starting to set up interviews for Seasonal Leadership and Kitchen Lead positions.

Seasonal Leadership Positions that are available include:

  • Overnight Team Leads

  • Day Camp Team Lead

  • Helping All Campers Succeed Team Lead

  • Programs Lead

  • Office Assistant

  • CLTD Leader

  • Team Support

  • Lifeguard

  • Medic

  • Volunteer Mentorship Program Coordinator

There are also 2 Kitchen Lead Positions available. In addition, we are accepting applications for Cabin Leaders and Kitchen Assistants.

More information can be found at https://www.campchestermere.com/employment.

- -

Thank you for your ongoing love, support, prayers and contributions to Camp Chestermere. Feel free to contact us if you have any time to help volunteer at Camp. There is always a need and always something to do. Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas.


Shannon Dean

Camp Director

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