Summer 2019 Week 4 Update

Well, it was nice to finally have some summer weather for the.... well.... summer. A lot of nice days last week which was great. But, for whatever reason, wind is an issue this summer. We had a pretty bad wind storm blow through on Wednesday and then we had another one blow through while we had a user group onsite on Saturday. The Saturday one was really bad and a number of branches came down. No significant damage though but a pretty significant mess of branches and leaves to clean up. But, rain, shine or wind, here we go for Week 5.

Week 4 Highlights

Week 4 was Middle Camp, ages 11 - 15, and the theme was holidays. We did a different holiday every day including an Easter Egg Hunt, St. Patty's day themed events, a special Christmas breakfast and then we had Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday night for theme night. Yup, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrots, and apple pie. We for sure need to do Holiday Theme every year.

Overnight Camp had 117 campers, Day Camp had 82 and there were 21 participants in Year 2 of CLTD.

Some other features of the week included our CLTD's going out and doing a service day. Each year our Second Year CLTD's do a service project in the community and this year we decided to keep it local. We split our CLTD's into a 3 different teams and some went and helped with the Community Garden in Chestermere, some went and helped a local senior, and some helped clean up the exterior of the library. At the Community Garden the CLTD's took out a number of weeds and basically made the site more user friendly by doing a big clean up job. For the senior they helped to uproot some trees and do some general lawn maintenance. And then at the library they cleaned windows and helped do some other cleaning as well. Huge thank you the the CLTD's and the CLTD Leaders for their great work with this. It is so great to give back to the community after they support us with a grant through FCSS UNited Way Chestermere.

Some of you may remember that years ago Camp Chestermere had a petting zoo. Well, we brought it back...... well at least for a day. Our Programs team booked Butterfield Acres to come for the day they brought chicks, rabbits, goats and pigs. Our Day Campers got to experience this as part of their programming. It was a huge hit. Stay tuned for updates on us getting a full time petting zoo....... again.

AND, we had 8 campers from South Korea last week. They are in Canada for the summer and experiencing different aspects of Canadian life. So, along with a couple of translators, these individuals spent a week with us at Camp Chestermere. It was awesome having them here.

Site Updates

Even though we are in the midst of our Summer Programming, we continue to work to improve our site and the experience for our campers and clients. Last week I told you about the work that has started on our HVAC Systems in the Chap and Lodge. Well, this week we installed a new/used sound system in the Chap and it is a huge upgrade. Thank you to Lakeridge Community Church who gave us an amazing deal on their used sound equipment. And a HUGE thank you to Ryan Linsley for volunteering to come over and help us install it. This is a great benefit to our campers and clients.

Another exciting site update is the work that has been done on the north side of our gym wall. Our gym has a brand new mural on it and it is beautiful. Huge thank you to Linda Bunn and her crew for heading up this project. The cutest part was when a bunch of our Day Campers all wanted to help and so they jumped in and did some of the mural. It is a great addition to the gym.

And speaking of site updates, I ended up with a tree in my office this week. It came in the form of one of our 5 year old Day Camper. One day a Day Camper was carrying around two large branches. He sat on the big chair that was in my office and said he was a tree. He sat for for a long time. He then noticed the jube jubes that were on my desk and asked if