Summer 2019 Week 3 Highlights

Good morning everyone,

Well the end of Week 3 saw more weather that is a little less than ideal for Summer Camp Programming but Week 4 is starting off great weather wise. One of the low lights from last week was on Thursday afternoon when we had a severe thunderstorm blow through the camp that included heavy rain, hail and lightning. We quickly moved all of the Day Campers into the Dining Room of the Lodge and all of the Overnight Campers into the Chap. Attendance was quickly taken in both locations to ensure that all staff and campers were accounted for. Day Campers played board games with their cabin leaders and watched a movie while Overnight Campers watched a movie in the Chap. Overnight was in the middle of getting their Horton's Hut when the storm started and so they were able to enjoy their snack while watching the cartoon. While we had a few scared children, our staff did an amazing job of getting all of the children inside very quickly, keeping them calm, and redirecting their attention away from the storm that was happening outside. After the storm passed we sent an email out to all of the parents informing them of what happened. Oh the joys of a thunderstorm when you have 300 people onsite.

Week 3 Update

Week 3 was kids week and saw 123 campers in Overnight, 91 in Day Camp and 17 participant completed their first year of CLTD. The theme was Time Travellers. One of the coolest moments of the week was the job Programs did with the Theme Dinner. It was an amazing time for campers and staff with a head table, king and queen, a throne and some amazing swords that were brought in by one of our staff. I don't think the campers will forget that dinner any time soon.

Our guest speaker was Alicia Peterson and she did an amazing job. Alicia is on the leadership team at Lakeridge Community Church here in Chestermere and is a teacher by trade. She did an incredible job keeping the campers engaged and it was great to see her interacting with the campers throughout the week. AND, there were a number of congregational members from Lakeridge who just stopped by to see what was going on and see what camp is all about. One even stopped by just to see how I was doing. Was cool to see the people from Lakeridge come out and check out what is happening at Camp Chestermere.

Work on the Chap

The work on the Chap has begun. All of the furnaces in the Chap have now been replaced and we are in the midst of installing the new air conditioning units. Now, one would think that July is a safe time to start replacing furnaces but the weather was so cold on Saturday that it would have been nice to have some working furnaces in the Chap as it was a little chilly for the group who was onsite. BUT, we are so thankful to get this work started and excited to be upgrading the HVAC in the Chap. This is work that is long overdue. Again, this work is funded in part by the City of Chestermere through a grant and is part of our #legocampc Campaign. We would encourage you to please keep giving to our #legocampc campaign as we are still about $70 000 short of our overall goal.

Guest Groups

This weekend saw three guest groups onsite throughout the weekend. The first was a church group who came here for the first time and they had a family camp here. They were here from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. At the same time, we once again had the pleasure of hosting the Canadian Wakesurf Nationals in partnership with Absolute Sports. This is a cool event that gives our camp some great exposure.

But then our third group was more on the heavy side. Brian Cook, who has been an AMAZING supporter of the camp for the past number of years and donated a lot of items to our boating program and to other areas as well, passed away of a heart attack. While we had to do some logistical gymnastics to make it happen given the other groups and the start of Week 4 Summer Camp, we held Brian's celebration of life on Sunday afternoon. It was great to be able to support the family in this way at this difficult time. And, it was amazing to learn about the number of people in Brian's life who were connected with Camp Chestermere in some way over the years. Special