Summer 2019 Week 2 Update

Week 2 has come to an end and we have just started Week 3. Unfortunately I missed the end of Week 2 as I came down with a nasty head cold. These usually come at the end of the summer but there has been a bug ripping through not only the camp but some others I know outside of the camp as well. It put me into bed for 2 days. But, starting to feel back to myself again and ready to go for week 3. A few other staff have been knocked out with this bug as well. Our Work Crew is currently working their way through the camp spraying disinfectant on all of the door handles and railings. Yup, the battle against the sick bugs is real.

Week 2 Highlights

Week 2 saw 103 Overnight Campers, 95 Day Campers, and 17 Year 1 CLTD's. The theme this week was Gaming and again our programs team did an AMAZING job adapting our games, events and theme night to the theme of Gaming.

Our speaker this week was someone who joined us for the first time in 2018. Her name is Alanna Jacobs, camp name Chick. One of the great things I love about having Chick here is watching her connect with campers and staff outside of Fireside time. Daily we would see her sitting with campers or staff at a picnic table somewhere in the camp or sharing a meal with a different group of people everyday. We love it when our speakers plug themselves into the life of the camp and Chick did a great job of this.

Week 2 also saw our first, second and well multiple phone calls to emergency services but not one was for campers. Well, we did have a camper walk into a wall and get a gash on his head but the ambulance was already here for two staff members who had bonked their heads together in a game so I am not sure if that counts. But, these are the things that happen when you're running a camp with over 250 people onsite everyday. As I have said in the past, huge thank you to our local emergency services who do an incredible job looking after us.

CLTD Practicum and Graduation

An exciting part of Week 2 was the CLTD Practicum Week and CLTD Grad. For the Practicum Week, CLTD's work in cabin and experience first hand what it is like to be a Seasonal Staff Member. All of our CLTD's did an amazing job in cabin this week.

The week then culminates with the CLTD Graduation. We had over 40 guests join us for the dinner and graduation. The graduation was filled with all of the CLTD traditions including the leaders individually introducing each CLTD, the CLTD's receiving their dog tags and then being welcomed onto staff. And then, of course, there was the jump into the lake. It was a great time to celebrate the work these CLTD's have put into the program. AND...... we are happy to announce that all 15 3rd Year CLTD's were welcomed onto the 2019 Staff Team. Special thank to Board Secretary Darlene Davis and Board Member Alex Wright for attending this important event.

Chestermere Play Day