Summer 2019 Week 1 Update

Good evening everyone,

Well, it is hard to believe but we have come to the end of Week 1 and are actually nicely underway into Week 2. As we have done in the past, I will be sending out a Weekly Update about each week during the summer. These will take the format of an email and we will not be sending along an additional attachment like we do with our Monthly Newsletters. While these emails do tend to be long, the reason for these updates is three fold:

  1. To help you feel connected to what is happening at camp and celebrate with us.

  2. To let you know, whether directly or indirectly, what you can be praying for.

  3. To let you know of ways that you can be involved

The format will be the same as it has been in the past. We will give you a quick overview, some things that went on throughout the week and then we will end with the stories from the staff (part 3 is always my favourite part).

Week 1 Overview

Week 1 was Kids Camp for campers Ages 7 - 11. We had 96 campers in Overnight, 50 in Day Camp, and 15 in 3rd Year CLTD. In addition to our Seasonal Leadership Team and Year Round Team we had 39 Seasonal Staff and 10 volunteers.

The theme for Week 1 was DC vs Marvel. A HUGE shout out to our Programs Team, Chase (Stokes) and Becki (Periwinkle) who did an amazing job creating experiences in the programs that fit with the theme.

Our Guest Speaker this week was Jared Newson from Rock Pointe Church. He did an INCREDIBLE job. He used an awesome mix of video and his own speaking material to really connect with the campers in Fireside. This was Jared's first time here at Camp Chestermere and we were so blessed to have him.

CLTD Update

I quickly mentioned our 15 3rd Year CLTD's but I do want to take a moment right at the start of the summer to talk about how well this program is doing. CLTD has always been high on this leadership teams priority list and it is so cool to see the work we have been putting into the program paying off. Our numbers for CLTD this year are great. We have 18 signed up for First Year Group A, 20 signed up for Second Year and another 15 signed up for First Year Group B...... oh, and there are more registrations still coming in.

A couple of years ago we came up with this crazy idea of wh