July 2.0 Newsletter

Good evening everyone,

We had an amazing week of Staff Training and we are so excited to get the Summer 2019 Camping Season under way on Sunday. Please see below for our latest update:

Missions Trip to Baker Lake

Camp Chestermere was invited by Program Manager Chris Kind of the Billy Graham Association to take part in a mission’s trip to Baker Lake, Nunavut.

This amazing opportunity constituted sending three of our Seasonal Leadership Staff to the north…only one week before staff training began! While it was somewhat daunting to send three of our valued leaders away for a week so close to the start of staff training, we are so glad we did!

The Camp Chestermere attendees for the mission’s trip were our very own Camp Medic - Marlo (Nemo), Team Support Lead - Alaukwu (Static), Programs Lead - Becki (Periwinkle) and her husband Hudson.

The purpose of this mission’s trip was to demonstrate to the churches of Baker Lake what knowledge and resources are required to run camps and activities for kids in their community.

Each of our leaders have graciously provided a quote about their experience from this trip.

Camp Medic - Marlo (Nemo)

“Despite being one of the most isolated communities in Canada, the residents of Baker Lake were some of the most warm and welcoming people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Spending time with the kids there was a gift - their joy and excitement was so contagious. It was an awesome way to start the camp season!”

Team Support Leader - Aloukwu (Static)

“The trip helped me to truly appreciate the vastness and beauty of Canada. I got to see my team interact with a different culture somewhere they had never been. It was amazing to see how God’s grace and joy was in the hearts of the kids and the community.”

Programs Lead - Becki (Periwinkle)

"Going up north to work with the kids of Baker Lake was by far one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. I have never been so fulfilled yet so exhausted at the same time. They responded so well to the activities, songs, and crafts we had planned, as well as the teachings we gave them about Jesus, prayer, and belonging. I felt so welcome and loved by all the kids, parents, and elders which made leaving extremely hard. I would absolutely do it all over again if I had the chance."

Hudson Munshaw

“The smiles and laughter of those children will forever be framed in my memory. Being around them reminded me of what is truly important in our short lifetime"

October 2019 School Year Camp

  • Friday October 4 - Sunday October 6

Oct. 27 - Halloween Howler

- October 27th

March 2020 Kids School Year Camp

  • Friday March 13 - Sunday March 15, 2020

Family Fun Fair

  • Friday June 5 - Saturday June 6, 2020

Fun-4-Fun 2020

  • Saturday June 13, 2020

Renovation Update - Brown Cabins

Last year we launched a campaign to renovate all of our Brown Cabins.

We encouraged our Supporting Churches and a number of other organizations to take on renovating a cabin.

We received a grant from the Conrich Recreation Board to pay half the cost of the renovations, and the Supporting Church or other organization would raise the other half to complete their project.

We are happy to announce that Brown 1 was completed by North West Community Church, Brown 3 by Lakeview Baptist, Brown 5 and 6 by Varsity Bible Church, and the most recent of them all is Brown 2, which was undertaken by Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel. A huge thank you to all the volunteers from RMCC and Camp Chestermere’s own Site Coordinator Vic (Papa Smurf) on the completion of Brown 2! Up next is Brown 4B which will be completed by Lakeridge Community Church in the fall.

If you’re keeping track, that means that only Brown 4A and Brown 7 will be left to complete. We’re getting close!

End of an Era

The infamous camp truck has served us well for years, but alas, it was time for it to go.

Utilizing our refund from the City of Chestermere (for removing the old white trailer), Site Coordinator Vic (Papa Smurf) found a great deal on a new truck and trailer. While we thank the truck for its years of service, we look forward to the new era this opportunity gives us!

Staff Training 2019

On Monday, June 24th we welcomed over 60 staff members to Camp Chestermere as part of our annual staff training week. Each year there is an unmistakable shift when we increase from 7 Year Round Staff to a 23-person team with our Seasonal Leadership, and now that’s been amped up even more with all of our latest additions.

Staff Training opened with a hugely successful Appy Extravaganza, which was a great opportunity for all our new faces to connect with returning staff. Staff Training includes formal training sessions, how to’s on cleaning, activities and games, and of course firesides and other intentional time to get to know each other and prepare for the summer.

Grant from the City of Chestermere

On Friday, June 21st, we at Camp Chestermere were incredibly excited to receive the following letter from the City of Chestermere:

"The Community Grant Funding Adjudication Committee reviewed your application for the repair and/or replacement of the HVAC system and recommended your project in the amount of $61,440.00 to the City Council. On June 18, 2019, the Mayor and Council ratified this recommendation."

What an amazing contribution to our #LegoCampC Campaign.

This grant is a matching grant, and therefore our objective is to raise the remaining $61,440.00 to finish this project.

Camp Chestermere would like to extend a massive thank you to the City of Chestermere for their generous contribution to such a great cause.


Shannon Dean

Camp Director

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