July 2.0 Newsletter

Good evening everyone,

We had an amazing week of Staff Training and we are so excited to get the Summer 2019 Camping Season under way on Sunday. Please see below for our latest update:

Missions Trip to Baker Lake

Camp Chestermere was invited by Program Manager Chris Kind of the Billy Graham Association to take part in a mission’s trip to Baker Lake, Nunavut.

This amazing opportunity constituted sending three of our Seasonal Leadership Staff to the north…only one week before staff training began! While it was somewhat daunting to send three of our valued leaders away for a week so close to the start of staff training, we are so glad we did!

The Camp Chestermere attendees for the mission’s trip were our very own Camp Medic - Marlo (Nemo), Team Support Lead - Alaukwu (Static), Programs Lead - Becki (Periwinkle) and her husband Hudson.

The purpose of this mission’s trip was to demonstrate to the churches of Baker Lake what knowledge and resources are required to run camps and activities for kids in their community.

Each of our leaders have graciously provided a quote about their experience from this trip.

Camp Medic - Marlo (Nemo)

“Despite being one of the most isolated communities in Canada, the residents of Baker Lake were some of the most warm and welcoming people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Spending time with the kids there was a gift - their joy and excitement was so contagious. It was an awesome way to start the camp season!”

Team Support Leader - Aloukwu (Static)

“The trip helped me to truly appreciate the vastness and beauty of Canada. I got to see my team interact with a different culture somewhere they had never been. It was amazing to see how God’s grace and joy was in the hearts of the kids and the community.”