October 2018 Newsletter Update

I know this may seem crazy, but it is actually harder to do Weekly Updates during the school year then it is during the summer. So, we are going to move to a Monthly Newsletter format. This month it is going to be an email but we are exploring other formats moving forward. You may even see another version of this same update coming soon. BUT, we feel like it has been a long time, too long in fact, since we did an update and we are so grateful for those who keep asking us to update them on how things are going at the camp throughout the year.

October was a very BUSY month at Camp Chestermere. Out of the 31 days in October, we only had 3 when we did not have at least one group on site and there were many days where we had multiple groups onsite at the same time. But, before I get to the highlights for October, I wanted to make a couple of very exciting announcements.

Seasonal Leadership Positions Now Open

As we start to head into Christmas, you may not be thinking about Summer 2019 but we sure are. Seasonal Leadership Positions for Summer 2019 are now OPEN!!!!!!! Positions that are available include:

  • 1 Male and 1 Female Team Lead Position

  • 1 Female CLTD Leader Position

  • 1 Helping All Campers Succeed Team Lead Position (Funded by FCSS / United Way Chestermere)

  • 1 Day Camp Team Lead Position

  • 2 Lifeguard Positions

  • 1 Office Assistant / Media Specialist Position

  • 1 Team Support Position

  • 1 Volunteer Coordinator (Funded by FCSS / United Way Chestermere)

  • 1 Medic Position

  • 2 Program Lead Positions

Applications will be accepted until January 11, 2019 and interviews will start after that. Our Seasonal Leadership Team for 2019 will start on Monday April 29, 2019. Some of the Seasonal Leadership Team Positions are already filled. These include:

  • 2 Male and 1 Female CLTD Leaders Positions

  • 1 Discipleship Pastor Position

FCSS Grants / United Way Grants

We are very excited to announce that we were successful in obtaining the following grants from FCSS and The United Way for 2019:

  • Helping All Campers Succeed - $14 237.20

  • CLTD Teen Leadership Program - $10 688.00

  • Volunteer Coordinator - $8 525.60

These will greatly help us improve and maintain programming.