Weekly Update September 9 - 16, 2018

Good morning everyone,

Well we are just over halfway through September and it has been an awesome and incredibly busy month at the camp. I hope you have been settling into your own fall programming transition.

Guest Groups

I want to start off by saying a HUGE, tremendous, did I mention HUGE, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! to our Year Round Staff and the incredible job they did this weekend. From September 14 - September 16 we had 6 different user groups go through. On Saturday September 15 we had a group staying overnight for the weekend who do their programming offsite, a wedding, we hosted the Rotary Amazing Race, an International Training Conference, and a Leadership Conference. And then on the Sunday we had a church here for a church service and a full day of activities. Our staff stepped up in such an amazing way. A thank you also goes out to Seasonal Leader Travis (Dragonfly) and Seasonal Staff Henry (Bob) for helping us out on the weekend. The wedding was supposed to be an outdoor wedding but you may have noticed the terrible weather we had on the weekend. So, we had to move the wedding inside which forced us to shuffle everything around. The staff just did such an awesome job and I cannot say enough good things about them. It has been a crazy transition from summer to fall but Guest Groups is an extension of our ministry and makes everything else we do possible. Thanks staff for what you did this weekend.

We also had a couple of other groups during the week as well. A shout out to our kitchen team and the work they did this week and this weekend with all the different groups we had. Great work everyone.

Recreation Coalition

Camp Chestermere sits on several committees in the community and one of those committees is the Recreation Coalition Committee. Since we are a Rec Provider in the city, this is an obvious committee for us to be a part of. First I want to start with a shout out to Community Recreation Coordinator Kate Richards who started and chairs this committee. She does an amazing job. I am also excited about the work this committee is doing including having Camp Chestermere, The City of Chestermere, The Chestermere Rec Centre and others all working on projects together. What an awesome way to serve the community. More information will be coming soon but I am happy to announce that Camp Chestermere and The City of Chestermere will be working on Winter Wonderland and The Chestermere Lights Festival together on November 24. We are excited about this work and the other collaborative projects that are happening. It's great to have our organization plugged into and working with the community.

Energizer Nights

The Fall promotional events have started. Special thanks to Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) and CLTD Coordinator Erik (Baloo) for attending both the Langdon Energizer Night and the Chestermere Energizer night. For the Chestermere Energizer night we were right beside the Lakeridge Community Church booth and..... well.... shenanigans ensued. Yup, there is a video of Baloo pushing Deuce around in the one of the box cars from Lakeridge. These energizer nights are a great promotional opportunity for our camp and it is always great to hang out with one of our supporters like Lakeridge.

HCA Worship

Special thanks also goes out to Assistant Director Collin (Deuce), CLTD Coordinator Erik (Baloo) and former staff member and current volunteer Kylie (Trinket) for their help with the kick off chapels at Heritage Christian Academy. They came and led worship to help the school start off the school year and did a great job. Thanks team.