Week 9 and Week 1 Update

Well, somehow it is Friday of Week 1 of Fall Programming. Don't worry, I won't be counting weeks during the fall but it is a bit of an adjustment moving from Summer to Fall. The hardest part is losing all of the amazing Seasonal Staff. Same amount of work to be done but we just have way less people to do it. But, the work goes on and we are excited about the things that are happening in our community and at the camp.

Week 9 Highlights

One of the awesome things that happened this summer was the demand we had for camps. Originally we had planned to only have Day Camp during Week 9 but we had so many requests for Overnight Camp this year that we added a Week 9 Overnight Camp for Kids 7 - 11. We ended up having 80 Overnight Campers and 72 Day Campers. We did very quickly learn how much we miss having CLTD's when we have a Kids Camp and I really have to commend the Seasonal Leadership and Seasonal Staff for the way they all stepped up to make Week 9 happen. They did an amazing job and, again, we were really reminded of just how important the CLTD Program is to the operations of Camp Chestermere. CLTD is not just a program we run but it is a vital part of the operations of Camp Chestermere.

Our Guest Speaker once again was Connie Jakab. What I loved about what Connie did this week was how well she engaged the campers in Fireside. Seriously, Connie has such an incredible and natural way to get people involved and interested in what she is talking about. It's impossible to be a passive listener when Connie is here. Her ability to have her audience be engaged and participating is second to none. It is just awesome.

Some highlights from our staff from Week 9 include:

  • "On the last night one of the girls that had been talking to me through the week decided to believe in Jesus and I got her a bible and wrote her a note and gave her a necklace and she started crying and said that she was really glad I talked with her and that she got to know me" Jewel

  • "MY Day Camp group took algae bubbles (convinced they were alive) and put them in cups of water in the Activity Room with their names on them" Bonzai

  • "Watching Bubba play with all my boys and watching how huge the smiles on their faces were. Another highlight was singing Stand By Me with Stokes during night break" Dove

  • "The kids listening to my devotions/stories. On the last night Cabin 4a, 4b, and 5 all joined in on one cabin to listen to my devos. It felt like a brotherhood/family. I hope they took something away from my devos."

  • "This week in Green, the girls put on a funeral for a bumble bee named Honey Jeff (but he went by Jeff). The girls came running to me asking to be a part of the funeral. They had made a little burial spot for him with a cross made out of twigs and flowers and the whole shebang. They even had Giraffe pray over Jeff and first night in Bee Heaven." Raven

  • "A girl in Green 2 started becoming attached to myself, Aqua and Jewel. This little girl started to call me Mama Giraffe for the week and then the entire cabin started to call me Mama Giraffe for the rest of the week. After closing program she ran into my arms and gave me a huge hug and then introduced me to her guardian as Mama Giraffe" Giraffe

  • "While taking my girls power tubing, I had a great time talking to Noah and seeing him interact with the kids" Tumnus

  • "My weekly highlight was seeing the children smile when we showed their movies" Roshe

  • "My highlight of the week was honestly just the whole week hanging with my one-on-one kid. While it was exhausting, I loved being the one he warmed up to and trusted to hang out with all day. We just got to do whatever he wanted and have fun and I loved it." Star

I would also like to say thank you to the staff for the amazing job they did with the Final Gratis on Friday. They were a huge help in resetting the camp for Fall Programming. Most of the work was done and there are only a few things left. Thank you staff for another amazing summer.