Summer 2018 - Week 6-8 Update

Hello supporters of Camp Chestermere, So I know it has taken me a couple of weeks to do an update. The past couple of weeks have been very crazy here at the camp. The smoke has caused us all kinds of problems. And, for whatever reason, for the past couple of weeks, if it could go wrong on a Sunday, the day I write these, then it did. This kept me from being able to write updates and then the weeks were always just so crazy. I know that it is busy every summer but this summer has been particularly challenging and the pace has just been constantly fast. BUT, do read and be encouraged by the awesome things that are happening. Last week had some unique challenges of its own. We had to make some staffing changes in to our Day Camp Program as 5 of our Seasonal Staff were involved in a car accident. At just before 7 pm on Tuesday night I received a phone call informing us that 5 our our Day Camp Staff were in Calgary and were involved in a car accident with a C-Train. I went to the scene of the accident and we are so happy to report that all 5 staff walked away from the accident with hardly any injuries at all. Seriously, they were hit by a train and only had a couple of minor scrapes and a couple of girls were a little sore the next day. Thank you Lord. All 5 staff went home to settle and recover but all 5 were back before the end of the week. We are so thankful that God kept our girls safe in a situation that couple have gone very differently.

So I would like to take some time to update you on some of the other things that have gone on at at camp over the past 3 weeks.

Week 6 - Middle Camp, Ages 11 - 15

We had 109 campers in Overnight, 73 campers in Day Camp and 14 participants in our First Year Session B CLTD Program. Our Guest Speaker for Week 6 was Chris King. Chris has spoken at Camp Chestermere for years and currently works for the Billy Graham Association. Unfortunately due to work circumstances beyond his control, Chris had to leave us before the end of the week. But this gave our very own Disciple Pastor Austin (Rev) and chance to speak. This was Rev's first time speaking at a camp and he did an amazing job. It was great to see how Chris and Rev communicated so that they built off of what each other talked about.

The theme for Week 6 was #Trend. It was fun watching the Programs Team come up with some unique slide shows for meal times that involved current or former trends.

Some staff highlights from Week 6 include:

  • "Campers made me feel really good. Campers actually know who I am and it’s really nice to be recognized by both girl and boy campers." Raven

  • "I had lots of highlights this week. One was gender night and just seeing the female staff have so much fun. Another one is I got to hang out with ______ a lot this week and she just came on a boat ride with me and would follow me around and it was so cute she looked like she was having the time of her life." Giraffe

  • "I had a really good week. It was nice to be in day camp and a nice break to not have a one on one kid. One day camper not in my group was hanging out with me after everyone left, and I was giving him a piggy back ride and he was just so cute. My campers were so cute and I was having so much fun with them playing with the hose this week." Treble

  • "This week was pretty hard. My kids didn’t really listen and it kind of made me feel like a bad leader. But I had one camper who was super interested in God and we talked a lot this week and she really got to know who God was. And it just really made me realize even if that’s the only thing I did right this week that would be worth it." Spark

  • "Making the slideshows and seeing people's reactions and working with Stokes" Gimli

  • "Seeing and feeling the support I have from staff" Boots

  • "Last week I was talking with my brother and he loved his week as he met new people and bonded with the staff team, and I felt the same coming as a ‘new staff’. The team has a great bond." Wolf

  • "Last night at fireside when Rev was speaking, and all of the campers couldn’t stop clapping during his sermon. It was hilarious." Sailor