Summer 2018 - Week 4 Update

Well, we are one day into Week 5 which means we are just over half way through the summer. It has been a very busy summer with full camps which has been awesome. I just left the lodge where during lunch a dance party to The Macarena and The Chicken Dance broke out which was soon followed by a whole room rendition of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. Yup, it's kids camp. I'm now sitting at a picnic table in the middle of the camp watching a furious game of gaga ball, which just had a major crisis because the ball exploded and so we are madly scrambling to buy another one, campers are in the middle of the lake in kayaks, beach time is in full swing and the boat is getting loaded up with another group of power tubers. Yup, it's camp. But, some highlights from Week 4.

Week 4 Update

Week 4 was Middle Camp, Ages 11 - 15 and we had 87 campers in Day Camp, 98 in Overnight and 22 in 2nd Year CLTD. The theme was Around the World and our Dead Cow Ceremony saw the kitchen staff make us Chinese Food. It was soooooooo good. Great week of camp.

Connie Jakab was our guest speaker. I can never say enough good things about her. She is one of the best speakers we have the pleasure to work with. She just has an incredible way to present the gospel in such a non threatening, safe and welcoming way. She truly has an incredible gift and ability to connect with people, no matter their age. I think she should be speaking at conferences all over the world. She is that good and we are so blessed to have her. I love how she brings in so many quests with her and the way she uses rap, hip hop and dance is awesome. I love how she uses those platforms not as a way "to connect with youth" but rather it is an authentic expression of who she is and the community she works in. Connie you are amazing and we were so blessed to have you.

Here are some of the staff highlights from Week 4

  • "The first one is I had the pleasure of teaching power tubing this week. I do the Macarena on the boat when we aren’t going too fast to try and get the kids to do it so they fall in. They only lasted a couple min. My other one was last night during worship. On either side of me I had two campers who I barley knew, and one camper leaned over to me and said “this is why camp is so awesome” Nomad

  • "I had a really good week. I had an awesome moment with one of my campers. I got her into worship by head bobbing with her, it was awesome to see her really getting into fireside with everyone else" Treble

  • "My highlight would be Tuesday night worship." Giraffe. There were a number of staff who mentioned Fireside on Tuesday night. It really was an amazing night.

  • "All the girls in my cabin were really funny and we went star tipping one night and it was really nice to just laugh with them" Peaches

  • "Launching the kids off the floating thing on the beach and catching them" Spoon

  • "The last day the beach was super empty so I went kayaking with Statics group and it was so fun to participate with the kids and watch him lead the kids, they had so much fun. He’s such an incredible leader, definitely my favourite to watch teach kayaking" Chime

  • "My biggest highlight was the rapping in fireside. It was really good to hear Static and Frostbite rap and also Goomba’s singing. I felt like Connie just really spoke to me, fireside overall was a highlight this week" Cheeto

  • "Would be devos one night with my campers. My co and I opened up to our cabin about what was going on in our lives personally, and stayed up until midnightdoing devotions. They said those devos were the best they’ve heard, and it really touched their lives and meant a lot to them. That and being a co with Prodigal. He’s an incredible guy. He’s the best co I could ask for" Frostbite

  • "So this was my first week and OH MY GOSH my girls were AMAZING. They were so perfect, did nothing wrong, did everything I said… My highlight would be when my girls COVERED me in face paint. Literally everywhere. And I think we used an entire container of face paint on me. They were amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better first week" Andro

  • "My highlight was definitely evening worship, it was really fun playing drums. My second one would be handing out popcorn on movie night with Wind. We made fools of ourselves, but it was a really good time" Rev