Summer 2018 - Week 3 Update

Well it is hard to believe but Week 4 has begun and we are almost halfway through the summer. July is flying by. But the weather has been pretty good for the most part and we have had a lot of campers having a lot of fun and enjoying their camp experience. Check out some of the highlights from Week 3.

Week 3 Highlights

Week 3 was Kids Camp again, Ages 7 - 11, and the theme was Dr. Seuss. Our Programs Team did an awesome job incorporating the theme throughout the week. You should have been here to see all of the costumes at the theme dinner. In terms of numbers, Week 3 saw 120 campers in Overnight, 88 campers in Day Camp and 12 young people finish their first year of CLTD. So good to see full camps this summer.

Our guest speaker was Tanya Boettcher and she did an AMAZING job. She is one of the best Kids Camp Speakers we have the pleasure of working with. We have been so blessed over the past couple of years to watch her grow as a speaker and as a leader. One of the things we love about Tanya is how she interacts with the campers all throughout the week. It is a common sight to see her sitting with campers at meals and giving our Cabin Leaders a break. She also helped at Gratis and was involved with kids at activities. We just love how she involves herself in the life of the camp and we find that whenever speakers do this that the campers respond in very positive ways. Great job Tanya. Thanks again for blessing us with your ministry.

I also want to mention the INCREDIBLE job that our staff did last week. Sunday night started rough. Six staff, for various reasons, had to cancel. We were already somewhat short and then to lose six staff was tough. It was inspiring to see the rest of the staff step up and take care of things. Staff who were booked for a week off came in and worked, Seasonal Leaders got creative in how to give people breaks and people just stepped up in so many ways to make camp happen. Amazing, amazing, amazing job Camp Chestermere staff.

Some other highlights from the week include:

  • Two of our campers wrote a book about their Cabin Leader. It was called Fundip and The Naked Mole Rat. It was a cute and hilarious book. The girls were so proud of their work that they drew self portraits on the back of the book and wrote little bios. It was an awesome novel.

  • "Connecting with my campers cause they were really chill and easy to deal with this week" Spark

  • "I really enjoyed my campers this week and getting to know them and just hanging out with them" Jewel

  • "Spark left for night break and as soon as she left all the kids pranked her" Firefly

  • "Just coming back, it’s been a while since I’ve been here and I was in 5-7 so it was really great" Teacup

  • "Tuesday night CLTDs were putting away dishes and then went down under. For the next hour there was a dance party but the CLTDs were not into it, only the leaders. But then we proceeded to enter the dining room and acted like monkeys, and that went on for probably 30 min straight" Bonsai

  • "Honestly I had a really rough week but my favourite part was being encouraged by Honey. She made me a poncho thing and I love it so much and it made my week" Treble

  • I had so many highlights this week it’s hard to pick one. Overnight did a really good job..... like a REALLY GOOD JOB. In my head I thought this week would be so much work but they just handled it so well and I was like THANK YOU LORD. My biggest highlight was seeing the fruit camp has made. Being back as team lead I get to see its night and day difference. I didn’t even notice one of the most difficult kids the first couple days cause he just grew up, and it was incredible to see him grow up in this community. To walk into fireside and be so tired and drained and to see the kids just singing to God… I had to just take a second and watch because just knowing that one kid got to meet God, I was just like wow this is what camp is all about. I just loved watching God do his work this week." Kiwi

  • "The wide games and the big water fight we had" Boo and Freckles