Summer 2018 Week 2 Update

Good afternoon supporters of Camp Chestermere,

Well it is a hot one today as we enter Week 3 of Summer 2018. This weather is amazing for camp. We are just having to constantly remind our leaders to constantly be reminding their campers to HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE and when they have done so to HYDRATE again. Oh, and sunscreen is a big thing this week to. But this weather just makes Summer Camp so much more fun.

Week 2 Update

Week 2 was Middle Camp, Ages 11 - 15, and the theme was Star Wars. Our Programs Team did an AMAZING job of incorporating the theme into all of the activities. The theme dinner with the hanging Storm Trooper balloon heads was awesome. Was such a creative and fun way to incorporate the theme into the dinner.

In Week 2 there was 105 campers in Overnight Camp, 101 campers in Day Camp, 13 CLTD's in first year CLTD and 22 third year CLTD's. Another busy week but busy is great.

Our very own Erik Davis (Baloo) was the guest speaker. He focused on how there is access to information about our faith everywhere and how sometimes our faith is misrepresented in the information we can access. He spent the week focusing on the truth of God's love. It was an incredible week of speaking. Baloo has grown so much in his ability to speak. He did a great job.

I want to start off this section talking about the incredible job that the 3rd Year CLTD's did last week in their practicum. Each year our 3rd year CLTD's do a practicum week before coming on staff and the job that they did last week was amazing. I often say that a CLTD does not automatically make a "better" staff member but there is a difference. Again, I can't put my finger on it and it is not that they are better but just different and it is a good different.

On the Friday night we held their grad and it was such an incredible celebration. We had over 50 people come and celebrate with us. The kitchen, thanks mostly to Kitchen Lead Suzanne (Honey), did an awesome job preparing a prime rib meal with twice baked potato. It was awesome. Former CLTD Coordinators Marie (Willis) and Vanessa (Ember) joined us as well. There was the traditional handing out of the dog tags and the circle prayer with Seasonal Leadership. And there's nothing better than the current staff chanting "one of us, one of us" as the CLTD Grads walk out of the Chap. And then there was the jumping in the lake. Oh, and former CLTD Leader Simon (Spruce), surprised everyone with a visit. I didn't even know he was coming. It was awesome. Thank you to current CLTD Leaders Erin (Bonsai), Alissa (Star), Alex (Crumpet), and Ben (Roshe) for the work they did with the CLTD Grad. HUGE success. We are soooooooo excited to have welcomed 22 new staff members to our team.

Some of our weekly highlights from Staff

  • "Talking with my kids about life and faith and answering questions about God and sin