Summer 2018 Week 1 Update

Well, it is hard to believe but as I was starting to write this we were setting up for Week 2. Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) and and Programs Lead Courtney (Crayola) were training new staff and some staff who missed sessions during staff training, Brown 2 bathroom was getting a quick overhaul due to a leak, and the worship team was having their practice for the week. But I didn't quite get the update completed. Now we have 107 new Overnight Campers onsite and Week 2 is underway. But I'll update more about Week 2 next week. For now, here are some updates from Week 1.

Week 1 Highlights

Week 1 was Kids Camp, Ages 7 - 11. We had 115 Overnight Campers, 42 Day Campers, and 22 3rd Year CLTD's.

Our Guest Speaker was Mark Little. Mark attends one of our Supporting Churches, Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel. Huge thank you to Pastor Quinn for hooking us up with Mark (Tin Tin). Tin Tin did a good job with the campers and found new ways to connect with the them throughout the week. He was also very encouraging to Deuce and I at the end of the week and he stuck around at the end of camp to help with Final Gratis. Thanks Tin Tin for coming and speaking at Camp Chestermere. Appreciate your willingness to jump in a serve.

Some highlights from Week 1 include:

  • One Cabin Leader mentioned how last week he learned what genuine patience is. He had a particularly challenging cabin but he did an amazing job working with the campers.

  • We have one Cabin Leader who is doing summer school for the first couple of weeks while working here. She said that every time campers went to her after she came back from summer school they would run and hug her. Always a good feeling to feel the love from your campers.

  • One of kitchen assistants mentioned how she joined a cabin a couple times and it was just "pure fun" to join a cabin and hang out with the girls.

  • One Cabin Leader mentioned, since it was Pirates Cove, that he came up with a Treasure Hunt for his kids to do and they had a lot of fun with it.

  • Another Cabin Leader mentioned how he and the Guest Speaker were cleaning Down Under and he got to hear the Guest Speakers life story. We really appreciate it when guest speakers pour into our staff. We do not believe in helicopter speakers who just come and speak and leave but rather we hope the speaker will be involved in the life of the camp. It was awesome to see our Guest Speaker this week help with Final Gratis at the end of the week.

  • "Little girl who has a crush on the leader rips head off a Polly pocket saying ‘This is your girlfriend, now you have to marry me". Ah kids.

  • "Movie making was super fun because the kids are super creative, and getting to execute it was great" Owl

  • "Spending a little time with a special needs girl, which is normally way out of my comfort zone but it went really well, she was so sweet, and it was neat to be comfortable in that situation for the first time" Sparkles

  • "Sharing my testimony with the CLTD's and they were really encouraged by it, but also really encouraging in return that they needed to hear those words and stories" Star

  • A little girl came up to one of our kitchen staff and was sooooooo thankful for the food that was made. She said, "I can't believe camp food was that good!" Camp Chestermere has always been known for its food and so it is good to see the new staff in the kitchen carrying on that tradition.

  • One Cabin Leader mentioned that her highlight was bonding with the kids and letting her inner child come out.

  • A few Cabin Leaders mentioned how nice it was to be back at camp and experience worship and Fireside.