Jar-Jar's Kids

Hello supporters of Camp Chestermere, As you may know, Camp Chestermere runs a Financial Assistance Program called Jar Jar's Kids. Our program is named after a former staff member Jordan Caldwell who's camp name was Jar Jar. Jar Jar was killed in an accident in February of 2016. Jar Jar loved kids and loved working with kids and so it seemed only fitting to rename our Financial Assistance Program after him. It is our philosophy that no camper should be refused access to camp because of the financial circumstances of their family. We strive to bring in as many campers as we can to ensure that all have the chance to experience camp life.

Requests this year for Financial Assistance are up and so we want to invite our supporters to invest into this program. Some of the people who you would be helping include:

  • A single mom who does not receive any child support

  • A single mom who is living pay check to pay check

  • A single mom with three kids who has received no child support in over two years

  • A mom who's husband passed away in January of 2018 and their family is trying to find ways to cope with the new reality

  • A single mother who said, "I'm wanting my daughter to have memories and friendships by experiencing summer camp"

  • "As a low income family, and with significant school expenses to cover, we want to give our kids the opportunity to experience summer camp(some of our favourite memories) but simply don't have the means"

  • "I work a minimum wage job and have never had support in any way, not even financial from fathers family and father has been in jail since ____ was a year old. Never got child support. I just work hard and make sure _____ is always okay and my mom which watches _____ while I’m at work leaves to _______ where we’re from June 6 so childcare is an issue and I want _____ to enjoy ______. I’ve always been so scared of anyone hurting ____ i didn’t even have ____ in daycare."

If you would like to support these stories and many more than you can do so in the following ways:

  • Go to www.campchestermere.com and click "Donate Now." This will take you to the ATB Cares Website. On their website type in "Camp Chestermere Association" and then follow the process. In the notes section type in "Jar Jar's Kids."

  • Contact the office at 403 272 6030 and make a donation over the phone via credit card.

  • Send us a cheque and in the memo section write "Jar Jar's Kids."

  • Participate in our Donate Your Change Program by registering at campchestermere.donateyourchange.ca.

All donations for Jar Jar's Kids are tax deductible. At the end of each week we invite each child who has come as part of the Jar Jar's Kids Program to write a letter to Jason and Shauna Caldwell, Jar Jar's parents, to let them know about their week at camp. This is an invitation and not a condition of the program. At the end of the summer I pay a visit to Jason and Shauna and drop off all of the letters.

If you would like more information then please feel free to contact me. Thank you in advance for your support of this important and vital program.


Shannon Dean

Camp Director