An Update From Camp Chestermere

It is hard to believe that Summer Camp 2018 is just 6 days away. WHAT??? We are so excited, nervous, worried, prepared, unprepared, ready, anticipating and feeling a little like a deer in the headlights....... all at the same time. Here we go.

Staff Training Kickoff

Well, Staff Training has begun. Last night Val Lieske from Fire Exit Theatre came and kicked off Staff Training with an incredible session called "How to Tell a Great Story With Your Life." It was an amazing session. Val had mic drop moment after mic drop moment. For example “If you’re not a little bit terrified everyday by what you’re doing then you’re not doing your calling." Or one that spoke directly to me: “What if I had a different adjective other than ‘tired’ or ‘busy’ when someone asked me how am I doing." And a couple other quotes from the night:

  • “We spend so much of our life trying to attain something rather than live through something that can change us”

  • “My goal in life is to make sure that people don’t have to lie about me at my funeral”

  • “Your goal in life should be to figure out what pisses you off and don’t change the channel”

It was an AMAZING way to start off Staff Training. A huge thank you to Val for coming and dropping so much wisdom and an incredible challenge to us as a staff. Val and Fire Exit Theatre will actually be coming back for Teens Week where they will be running workshops on Clowning, Stage Combat and Intro to Acting for an afternoon. This is a cool new addition to our Teens Week Camp Programming. Please feel free to help us promo this to people you may know who are between the ages of 14 - 18. Teens Week is always great and this is a great new addition.


One of the things I am learning in my role as Director is the challenge of the ebbs and flows of recruiting Seasonal Staff. One year you have more staff than you actually need and then other years it is a challenge to recruit enough. This year is the challenge year. Perhaps you know someone who could give a week of holidays during the summer to be a Cabin Leader. All Seasonal Staff, whether Junior or Senior, can work for one week, three weeks or for the whole summer or any combination of weeks. In other words, you don't have to commit to the entire summer to be on Seasonal Staff. We are looking for:

  • Junior Cabin Leaders:

  • Junior Cabin Leaders are leaders who are between the ages of 16 and 18 and still in school. Being a Cabin Leader is a great way for these young people to build on their faith and develop leadership skills.

  • Senior Cabin Leaders

  • These are people who are 18+. Perhaps you know:

  • An intern who is looking for a placement for the summer

  • A youth pastor who is looking to grow their ministry

  • Youth leaders who are looking for new ways to lead and develop their leadership skills.

  • A teacher who would like to work with kids for a week this summer

  • A small group or family with older kids who are looking for a local missional opportunity

  • Someone who has been on staff here in the past who may be able to come for a week