Fundraising, Loss of a Long time Supporter, Invitations and More Updates

Hello everyone,

Well, it is already almost the end of the May long weekend. I hope you've had a chance to enjoy the great weather this weekend. We are loving this weather out here but WOW the mosquitos are bad right now.

Michelle and I had the opportunity to go on a missions trip to Ireland and it was amazing. Huge thank you to all of our Year Round Staff and Seasonal Leadership Team for the different ways they pitched in to take care of our children while we were away. Now for a quick update.

Fundraiser - A Night Under the Stars

On May 15 we held our annual fundraiser. The theme was A Night Under the Stars. The middle of the Lodge Dining Room was transformed into a fire pit and lights were strung throughout the Lodge to give the feeling of truly being out around a camp fire and under the stars. Huge thank you to Office Manager Chantel for her incredible work in organizing the event. Thank you to Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) for his great job mc'ing the event and "showing off" his auctioneer "skills." Thank you also to all of the kitchen staff for the incredible meal and to the Seasonal Leadership and Year Round Team for all your work in putting this event together. AND, thank you to the Board Members who were able to make it out for the event.

You can still participate in the our fundraiser by purchasing a star. Similar to the purchase a leaf campaign that we ran in 2016, you can purchase a star that will be displayed in our lodge. We can write your name, someone else's name, a blessing, a prayer or whatever you like on the star. Please see below for the details on the cost for each star.

Up to $100 - White Star

From $100 to $500 - Silver Star

From $500 to $1000 - Gold Star

Over $1000 - Shooting Star

Again some of the projects you are supporting include the installation of our new Boat Launch, which was completed last week, the repairing of our Gabion Wall around our island, the installation of a new streaming device so we can live stream Fireside and other events, impact matts in the kitchen and the renovation of our Brown Cabins. And, you can also support our Staff Bursary Program or our Jar Jar's Kids Campaign to help kids come to camp who otherwise couldn't afford to d