April Update

WOW!!!!! April has been a BUSY!!!!!!!!!! month. Which is great but wow, deep breath needed.

One of the great things that happened this month was the Dean family was able to get away for a week in Mexico. It was awesome. Literally just sat by the pool for 7 days and did a whole lot of nothing. Apparently everyone around me was more aware than I was of how much I needed a holiday. It was great to get away but it has been an absolute sprint since we got back. Also excited to say that Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) was able to get away this month and is currently state side with his family. Good to have a break before we enter season 2 of the 3 season rotation that is the work of Camp Chestermere.

Ok, lots of updates. Here we go.

Guest Groups

April has been an incredible blessing for Camp Chestermere. We only had 5 days in April where there wasn't at least one group on site. We've had at least one group a day on site everyday since April 11 and there have been multiple days where we have had multiple groups onsite all at the same time. It has been incredibly busy but what an incredible blessing to have so many people using our beautiful facility. HUGE!!!! thank you to all of our Year Round Staff who have all stepped up in so many ways to make this happen. There is a lot that goes into successfully hosting groups and our Year Round Staff work so hard to keep groups happy so that groups will want to return. Thank you also to all of those who have stepped up to help host these groups throughout the month. Special thanks to Alissa (Star), Chase (Stokes), Alex (Crumpet), Marlo (Nemo), Laryssa (Giraffe), Erin (Vendetta) and Courtney (Crayola) who have helped us out so much this month. I am sure I am forgetting others. Thank you to those who step up to work and volunteer. There are always volunteer opportunities here at the camp and we could not do what we do without the incredible support we get from our Seasonal Staff and volunteers.

Staffing Updates

We are really excited to update you on some members who will be joining our team for Summer 2018. First of all, we have created a new position at Camp Chestermere called the Discipleship Pastor. The idea behind this position is to provide staff and campers with extra spiritual and emotional support. We are very pleased to announce that our new Discipleship Pastor is Austin Norlin. Austin is a graduate of Heritage Christian Academy and currently a student at Vanguard College. We are excited to have him join our team and believe that this new position will be a huge asset to the work we do here at Camp Chestermere. Camp name for Austin to follow shortly. Austin will join us in mid June.

We've also hired two new people to be in the kitchen with us this Summer. Marlo (Nemo) and Rachel (Piglet) will be joining our kitchen team starting officially at staff training but will be helping us out some during May and June. This extra support in the kitchen will really help us do what we do better and we are excited to have Marlo and Rachel join us soon. Both come with a ton of camp experience. Marlo is a CLTD Graduate, has been a Cabin Leader and served on our Seasonal Leadership Team as a Team Lead. Rachel is also a CLTD Graduate and has been a Cabin Leader and worked in the kitchen last summer.

Board / Staff Meeting

Saturday April 14 was most of the most encouraging and invigorating days I have had since coming on as the Director at Camp Chestermere. For over 6 hours the Camp Chestermere Board of Directors and Year Round Team sat together and discussed all of the things we do here at the camp. I honestly do not have the words to express how awesome it was. It was just great to sit in a room with people who are totally invested in the holistic overview of Camp Chestermere and really dig into what we do. It was one of the best things I have been a part of in my three years here. Thank you to our Board for taking the day to collaborate with the Year Round Team and thank you to the Year Round Team who did so much work in a very short amount of time to make that meeting happen. Just awesome. I wish I could tell you about all of the new initiatives that are being taken on by the Year Round Team and The Board but we can't say it publicly until all the details are official. But trust and know there is some incredible work happening behind the scenes right now and it is exciting to be a part of.

Speaking at Member and Supporting Churches

So Collin and his team and I have been making the rounds over the past few weeks at some of our Member and Supporting Churches. Collin spoke and led worship at Arrowwood, he led worship and I spoke at The Lantern and I did some announcements at Varsity last weekend. This weekend I am off to a youth event for the youth in Calgary and the surrounding area who are a part of BGCA churches and I am off to Emmanuel Christian Reformed Church on Sunday. So great to be able to connect with our Member and Supporting Churches.

Connecting with the Community

We continue to live out our number one value of building relationships with our community. This month we have attended road shows in Brooks, attended the High School Rodeo and Comic Book Festival in Calgary, and the Family Fun Night in Chestermere. This week I attended a session with the Rural South Central Alberta Regional Inclusion Coalition and continue to work on a mentor project with Prairie Waters Elementary. Lots of other cool community connections going on as well. We are really excited about the ways we continue to partner and work with other organizations in the city.


We are excited to announce some grants that we have been approved for over the past couple of weeks. First of all, thank you to the Alberta Provincial Student Temporary Employment Program for your contribution to funding our Discipleship Pastor Position and for funding two Kitchen Assistant Positions. Thank you also to the Chestermere Conrich Recreation Board for your contribution to funding a new live streaming system in the Chap, new impact matts in the kitchen and a HVAC Maintenance Program. These grants will really help us do what we do better. Thank you.


Check out www.campchestermere.com for more information on all of the following:

  • Summer Camp Registrations

  • Well, it is hard to believe because at one point it looked like winter would never end but Summer Camp is just around the corner. Registrations are going well right now. One of the weeks is currently fully subscribed to on the boys side. Go to campchestermere.com to register your children now. Remember Day Camps are for ages 5 - 13 and Overnight Camps for ages 7 - 18.

  • Infuze

  • Infuze is less than a week away. On May 4-5th, adults are welcome to gather together and learn what it means to live out faith practically, while becoming fearless leaders. Sammy Bernard is our main session speaker and breakout session speakers include Alison Springer, Connie Jakab, Erik Davis, Garth Reesor, Jocelyn Freeman, Levi Switzer, and TJ Syroteuk. Spread the word - this is going to be a 'can't miss.

  • Fun 4 Fun

  • Participants enter a team of 4 for $100 and race against other teams in as many of our exciting challenges as possible in order to win our grand prize! All proceeds from Fun-4-Fun event will be going to our Jar-Jar's Kids (Financial Assistance) program. Bring your friends, family, co-workers, and build a team to compete against others to help make a child's dream come true this summer.

  • Family Fun Fair

  • Family Fun Fair is May 25 and 26. This is done in partnership with the Chestermere Ag Society. Lots of events happening on this weekend. Bring your family out for an exciting day of activities and food.

  • A Night Under the Stars

  • On May 15th, we're inviting you to come and enjoy an amazing meal, hear some stories of the past, and participate in our Live and Silent Auctions! Our Annual Fundraiser will also include a mock-tail bar and games throughout the evening. Punch will begin at 6pm, with dinner starting at 6:30pm.

Ok, that is A LOT of info. Thanks for your continued love, support and prayers. Register your kids for camp and invite others to do the same. Come out to Infuze, our Banquet, Fun 4 Fun and Family Fun Fair. Follow us on all our social media platforms. And, most importantly, hold us up in prayer.


Shannon Dean

Camp Director

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