February 19, 2018 Weekly Update

Happy Family Day Weekend Everyone.

I hope everyone is having an awesome time with family this weekend. It would be nice if there was less snow and if it was a little warmer but I guess we do choose to live here so it comes with the territory.

Staffing Update

We have some very exciting news to share. We have two new additions to the Seasonal Leadership Team of 2018. Elisha Welsh (Chime) and Nicolas Paccshiano (Huevo) have been added to our Seasonal Leadership Team as the Lifeguards. We are super excited to have both of these individuals join us on the team and really do believe that God put this together. Both of them in their interviews talked about how they just felt called to be here this summer and they are both very, very excited to be coming. At the recommendation of our past couple of lifeguards we are trying something new by having two lifeguards this summer and we think these two individuals are going to make a great team. Please congratulate these two on joining the team.

Praying for Camp Chestermere #lovecampc

Our Prayer Initiative has been going very well this month and we have received some cool responses from people who have taken time to pray for the camp. Go to any of our social media platforms to see some of the responses. AND, it is not too late to sign up for a day. We have a couple of days this week where entire churches have signed up for those days. There's two weeks left this month so lots of opportunity to still sign up. Thanks in advance.

Helping All Campers Succeed

WOW!!!! This program is really taking off. We are really, really, REALLY excited about the traction this program is starting to gain. This summer we will be offering even more opportunity for children and adults with special needs to attend Camp Chestermere. Children will be coming as campers and we have some adults with special needs who will be coming as volunteers. Our staff will be receiving training from Between Friends and I have been attending sessions from Inclusion Calgary and Inclusion Alberta. We are learning A LOT from experts in this field. A special thank you to Kate Richards from the City of Chestermere who has taken some time to provide us with invaluable resources. It is just amazing what is happening with this program. If you know someone who has a child with a special need then please ask them to contact us about more information about this program. It is going to be amazing. Thank you again to FCSS United Way Chestermere for the grant funding so we can run this program. The eventual goal is to have our camp recognized provincially as a camp for children with special needs but we have a long way to go to get there. But, we are learning lots and are on the right path.

Chantel On Holidays