February 9, 2018 Weekly Update

Well, I hope everyone is staying safe and warm during this latest winter snap. Kitchen Lead Erik (Baloo) and Bookkeeper Heather (Bookie) stayed home yesterday as the roads were awful. I cancelled some appointments I had in Calgary because of the snow as well. Took me an hour to dig out Michelle and I's cars.... and that was after our snow removal company left. Yikes. And the stairwells outside the lodge.... WOW. But all are safe and and trying to stay warm. Glad it looks like it is supposed to warm up again over the weekend.

Prayer for Camp Chestermere #lovecampc

As you know, we are in the middle of our #lovecampc Prayer Campaign. This is where we invite people to take one day during the month of February to intentionally pray for Camp Chestermere. A huge thank you to those who have signed up already. Most of the days in February have someone who has committed to be intentional about praying for camp on that day. However, we do have a couple of days left. These include: February 13, 16, 23, 24, 27 and 28. A few people have signed up for multiple days. It would be great to round out the month with a few more people. Let me know if you would like to sign up for a day and we will get you on the list. The list is not made public unless we have your permission to do so. Here are a few of the items we have asked people to keep in mind throughout their prayer time:

  • Our Seasonal Leadership Team as they prepare to join us in May

  • Our Year Round Team for continued strength, energy, wisdom, and for their families

  • Growth and expansion in:

  • Our numbers for camps, rentals, events

  • Our actual facility. Land across the street

  • Donations

  • Our volunteers and helpers who come and support the work we do

  • That we would continually find ways to uniquely impact the people we interact with with the love of Jesus

  • Our theme. That we would be Undaunted in the face of adversity

Remember, we invite you to share your experience or what God has been saying to you throughout the day either via email, phone call or on our social media platforms. If you comment on social media then please use the hashtag #lovecampc. Thank you again. We appreciate your prayerful support.

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