Seasonal Leadership Team 2018

January 29, 2018

We are incredibly excited to announce our Seasonal Leadership Team for Summer 2018 - Undaunted. We have a ton of experience coming back as well as some brand new people. Seven of the people on this team are graduates of our CLTD Program which is a huge testament to the work this program does. Please see below for a quick bio on each team member. 

First Time on the Seasonal Leadership Team: 

  1. Program Leader: Chase Anderson (Stokes)

    • Stokes has been a part of our community for a number of years and has served at camp as a Cabin Leader, Worship Leader, helped at School Year Camps and most recently has been putting in a lot of time volunteering. Stokes is a graduate of our CLTD program. This is Stokes's first time being on the Seasonal Leadership Team and we are very excited about the skill sets and keen interest in leadership that he brings to this team. 

  2. Program Leader: Courtney Tysdal (Crayola)

    • Crayola has also been a member of our community for a number of years and is a graduate of our CLTD Program. She has been a Cabin Leader and most recently has been putting in a lot of time volunteering. Crayola brings an incredible work ethic to the team and is a "get stuff done" kind of leader. We can't wait for the exciting things she will do this year. 

  3. Day Camp Team Lead: Yarlie Garcia (Buckets)

    • This is Buckets' second summer with us at Camp Chestermere. Last year she served as a Cabin Leader. Buckets does an amazing job with youth and brings some great experience working with the Sunday School at her church. Buckets has a quiet confidence about her and we look forward to the new ideas she is bringing to the Day Camp Program. 

  4. CLTD Leader: Alissa Tremblay (Star)

    • Star is the newest member of our CLTD Team but she is not new to CLTD. She is a CLTD graduate and has filled in for other leaders of CLTD over the past couple of years. She's also been a cabin leader, and has been involved throughout the years in School Year Camps. Star is currently serving on a Mercy Ship with YWAM. We look forward to her bringing her YWAM experiences to our Seasonal Leadership Team. 

  5. Team Support: Jacob Cross (Kermit)

    • Kermit has been a part of our community for a number of years and has served in a number of capacities including as a Cabin Leader. He is currently a student at Ambrose and attends Northwest Community Church. Kermit is a graduate of our CLTD Program. Last year Kermit was a part of our Helping All Campers Succeed Program. Kermit brings a great work ethic and is one of those people who is willing to jump in and help where ever and whenever needed. 

Returning Seasonal Leadership Team Members

  1. Overnight Team Lead: Micaiah Sinanan (Kiwi)

    • We are very excited to have Kiwi back on the team. Kiwi is currently a student at Ambrose University. Kiwi took a summer off from camp last year but he was our Overnight Team Lead in 2016. Kiwi has also been a participant of our CLTD program. Kiwi has an incredible heart for people and really seeks to mentor and walk alongside those he leads. We are blessed that he decided to come back for another summer at Camp Chestermere. 

  2. Overnight Team Lead: Laryssa Belsey (Giraffe)

    • Giraffe was on our Seasonal Leadership Team in 2017 as Team Support. She is currently a student at Ambrose University. She was a graduate of our CLTD program, moved up into Cabin Leading, and then stepped into her role as Team Support last summer. She did an incredible job assisting with our Programs Team and filling in as needed as Overnight Team Lead. Giraffe brings an incredible work ethic and has a very high capacity for organization. She is also the one connecting with campers through late-night conversations helping them through their walk. She is an incredible asset to our team. 

  3. CLTD Leader: Alex Wright (Crumpet)

    • Crumpet brings an incredible wealth of experience to our team. He has served at Camp Chestermere as an Overnight Team Lead, Waterfront Coordinator, CLTD Leader, Board Member, and currently puts in A LOT of time volunteering. We are very blessed to have him back on our team. His work ethic, reliability and love for this ministry make him an incredible asset to our team. 

  4. CLTD Leader: Erin Navarro (Bonzai)

    • We are super excited to have Bonzai back on our CLTD Team. Bonzai serves at Canyon Creek, one of our member churches, as a youth leader and has a passion to see young people grow and develop in their faith. Bonzai is a graduate of our CLTD program, and has helped Camp Chestermere has a cabin leader over the years. Bonzai was a CLTD Leader last year and we will be relying on her experience and passion for this program.  

  5. CLTD Leader: Evan Shier (Stret)

    • I know you may be sensing a theme here but again, we are excited to have Stret back with us. Stret was on our CLTD Team in 2015 and then has been at YWAM for the past two years. He has also been a Cabin Leader, Volunteer, and Worship Leader at the camp. His experiences and growth at YWAM will be a huge asset for us and we cannot wait to see what he will bring to this team in 2018. 

  6. Camp Medic: Cass Lucas (Boots)

    • This is Boots' second summer with us. Last year she served as Team Support and was a huge asset in helping in both Day Camp and in our Camp Medic program. Boots is currently in nursing school and brings with her a wealth of experience. She is currently in school at Lethbridge College. 

  7. Office Assistant: Amanda Woolly (Calico)

    • Yes, the sisters are back in the office together again. This is Calico's fourth summer in a row as Office Assistant. Her ability to keep our office organized, work with parents, and keep the ship running is incredible. We will be relying on her experience as a multiple time Seasonal Leadership Team Member. Calico has served camp over the years in many capacities, including as a Cabin Leader. She's also a graduate of our CLTD program. She is currently a student at MRU. 

  8. Volunteer Coordinator: Darcy Ralph (Brother Bear)

    • This is Brother Bear's third summer with Camp Chestermere. He has been a Cabin Leader and last year served as the Day Camp Team Lead. Brother Bear is a great fit for this position as he loves doing physical work and is an incredible mentor. We look forward to the quiet calming influence that he brings to a team. He is currently teaching over in Cambodia. 

We are still on the lookout for both a Waterfront Coordinator/Lifeguard and a Lifeguard Assistant. If you know of anyone - please contact our Assistant Director Collin at


We can’t wait to get this summer kicked off and we count ourselves so blessed to have this team at the forefront! Please pray for all of us as we head on this new adventure! 




Shannon Dean

Camp Director

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