January Weekly Update

Well, the end of January is almost upon us. For those of us who thought that maybe 2017 went by too quickly, I am not sure 2018 is moving any slower. Sometimes the time can seem to be going to quickly or it feels like there is so much to do or it feels like there is always a mountain in front of us. Then every once a in a while someone says something and it puts fuel back in the tank and you're reminded that maybe, just maybe, everything you are trying to do as an organization is worth it. Well, this week at an Interagency Meeting, a community partner said of Camp Chestermere, "they are one of the strongest supporters of the community and a great partner to work with." Yup, that'll put some fuel back in the tank.

Staffing Update

It has been a very exciting and stressful week here at Camp Chestermere. We are in the process of hiring our Seasonal Leadership Team for 2018. We had almost 40 candidates for what will end up being 17 positions. This week has been filled with completing the final interviews and contacting the people who were successful in gaining a position. We then have to contact all of the people who unfortunately were not successful. I would love to be able to announce the team for 2018 but we are not quite done this process and we believe people should find out through conversation and not through an email about where they are in the process. So, expect an update on staffing in the next couple of days.

We Need a Life Guard

Speaking of Seasonal Leadership, we are in need of a lifeguard. Unfortunately, none of the people who applied for Seasonal Leadership are certified to be a lifeguard. So, we need your help. If you know a lifeguard who is looking for a job then please ask them to contact the camp right away. We may have a home for them. AND, Camp Chestermere is willing to help pay for any upgrade in certification the person may need. Thanks in advance for your help with this.

New Program Announcement

I mentioned in our last weekly update about our new and expanded Helping All Campers Succeed Program for 2018. Since I made that announcement last week we have had a number of exciting things happen. First of all, last week Shannon attended interagency and was able to get connected with some great resources to help us gain a greater understanding of how to be successful in this program. Shannon has meetings in the next couple of weeks with the City of Chestermere and several agencies, including Inclusion Alberta and Between Friends, who have far more expertise in this area than we do. It is so awesome to see how this program is coming together and how God is opening doors for us to connect with people who can help us learn. More exciting news to come. Helping All Campers Succeed is just one more example of how we believe Camp Chestermere truly is a Place to Belong.

Ok, but I am going to cheat here and make one position official. We are VERY excited to announce that we have hired Heather Upigrove (Clover) to head up our Helping All Campers Succeed Program. She will be giving oversight to this program and will be working with us over the next few months to put all the final pieces together. Heather (Clover) brings a wealth of experience to this program and is going to school so she can do this for a living. We are very excited that she will be overseeing this team. Congrats Heather.