Christmas Updates

Merry Christmas Everyone,

On behalf of the Year Round Team at Camp Chestermere I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope all of you have a chance to spend some time with family and/or just get away from the regular routines of life for a few days and have a breather. I also want to acknowledge that for some people the Christmas holiday season can be stressful for all kinds of reasons. This is something that I have become even more aware of now being in full time ministry. My prayer for those who find this time of year to be stressful is that you would encounter the peace that Jesus brings in a new and refreshing way.

Christmas Banquet

Thank you to those who attended our Christmas Banquet a couple of weeks ago. It was an amazing time of celebration. Thank you to Assistant Director Collin (Deuce), Office Manager Chantel (Lilac) and Site Coordinator Vic (Papa Smurf) for all the work you did in making this event a success. And a HUGE thank you to Kitchen Lead Erik (Baloo) for the incredible job he did in the kitchen preparing the meal for the banquet. We also want to thank my wife Michelle (Hockey Mom) and Vic's wife Kathy (Sweet Pea) for all the work they did with the decorating of the lodge in preparation for the Christmas. AND, thank you to Zak and Kitchen Lead Suzanne (Honey) for all the work they did in the kitchen as well. Things truly are accomplished through a team effort here and any success that this organization has in due in large part to the incredible group effort that happens on a daily basis. The night itself was filled with great food, games, Christmas carols, updates about the camp and great fellowship at all of the tables. My personal favourite part of the night was when the whole room stood and sang Silent Night a cappella style. It was a powerful moment and a reminder of what Christmas is about; "Silent Night, Holy Night, all is calm, all is bright." A great reminder. Thank you again to everyone who attended. It was cool to see so many "generations" of Camp Chestermere represented. The night lived up to the billing of family dinner and the whole night was a reminder of how this place truly is A Place to Belong.

Boxing Week Sale

Watch for the Boxing Week sale that will be happening from December 26 - 29. You can save money on your Summer Camp 2018 registration fees that week. Please spread the word on this. There will be lots of social media posts coming out about this in the next day or so. Save $30 on your registration. Please help spread this word and watch for the details on all of our social media platforms.

Follow us on Social Media

Speaking of social media, just a reminder that we are on a wide variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat and Youtube. We are actually one of the most followed camps on Facebook in Alberta. Feel free to join our community on any or all of these platforms. It is a great way to stay connected to the things that are happening at Camp Chestermere.

Seasonal Leadership 2018

Ok, so I know registering your children for Summer Camp 2018 may not be the first thing on your mind in December but Summer 2018 is coming very, very quickly. In fact, this may be hard to believe but we held our first interview today for our 2018 Seasonal Leadership Team. Yup, here it is December 18, 2017 and we are already in the hiring process for Summer 2018. Thursday is booked solid with interviews and we have some on Friday as well. Please continue to pray for us as we work through this process. Hiring our Seasonal Leadership Team is always exciting but it is also a bit stressful as we always find ourselves in a position where we have to say no to some very good people. Please pray for wisdom as we make these decisions and please pray for those who have applied as well. AND, if you know someone who may wish to be on the Seasonal Leadership or if you would like more information about the positions that are available then please go to The deadline to apply is January 19, 2018. Like I said, interviews have already started and this is to help accommodate those students who are home for the holidays so that they can do in person interviews as opposed to online interviews. But, applications will remain open until January 19, 2018 and interviews will be conducted until the right people for every position are found.

CLTD 2018

We have an announcement to make in regards to our CLTD Program. With the recent vacancy in the CLTD Coordinator Position, we have been doing a lot of thinking, praying and debating about the next best steps froward. We have decided that we will not be hiring a CLTD Coordinator for Summer 2018. Instead, we will be hiring a team to facilitate the program for Summer 2018. This is to help accommodate some bigger changes we are looking at throughout the organization. (Yes I just dangled a carrot. No, I won't give any more info than that. Yes, that is going to drive some people crazy. Ha.) But, in all seriousness, we are currently taking a strong look at the structure of our entire organization and assessing our efficiency throughout all of what we do. BUT, we have some exciting news to announce. Alex Wright (Crumpet) and Erin Navarro (Bonzai) have stepped up to fill in the gap on a volunteer basis in the mean time. They will then come on as CLTD Leaders in May 2018. Thank you to Alex and Erin for stepping up to help fill in this void and congrats on being the first two hired to the Seasonal Leadership Team of 2018. Erin and Alex will be hosting a CLTD Sleepover of December 29. They are in the process of contacting all of our CLTD's about this right now.

Watch for more exciting information about CLTD over the next few months. I am really excited about the CLTD Program for 2018 as there is a TON of planning going on behind the scenes right now. I am a strong believer and advocate for this program and want nothing more than to see this program grow and flourish. I believe CLTD is only scratching the surface of its potential and I cannot wait to announce some of the things we are working on behind the scenes. More to come.


I want to take a moment to say a HUGE thank you to a number of people who have been volunteering a significant amount of time over the past couple of months. These people have been coming for 1 day a week or for a few hours every couple of weeks and they have been a tremendous blessing and help. Thank you to Alex (Crumpet), Bennett (Wolf), Marlo (Nemo), Chase (Stokes), and Adrienne (Hoops) for all the help you have provided over the past few weeks and months. Like I said, it is a huge blessing.

For those who may not be aware, Camp Chestermere always has volunteer opportunities and these opportunities exist all throughout the year. We will work with you to design programs, activities, tasks, etc that fit your skill set and interests. We always have a need for some extra help in hosting groups, doing odd maintenance jobs, helping with site clean up, working in the office, helping in the kitchen, or a variety of other jobs. Like I have said before, our Year Round Team is a mighty team of 7 BUT we are only a team of 7. So, please contact me at if you are interested in volunteer opportunities. Come for an hour, a half a day, full day, or whatever. Come once a month, once a week or whatever your availability might be. You can even help host a group for an entire weekend. Free food for the weekend and you can stay onsite. We can always use some extra hands and feet. Thanks again to those who are already volunteering and thanks in advance to those who are considering it and those who will come.

Community Work

We continue to work at establishing and maintaining solid relationships with our community. Today I attended a planning meeting for Seniors Week 2018. June 4 - 10 is Seniors Week 2018 and Camp Chestermere is excited to again be a part of this. This month we have also started the planning for Country Connections with the Chestermere Ag Society in May 2018. Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) and I attended a meeting last week with a number of other organizations to look at hosting a volunteer fair in 2018 and to look at ways we can partner with each other to share volunteers and volunteer opportunities. We will be doing a presentation for the new Chestermere City Council on January 15, 2018 and we have been working on a number of other things behind the scenes as well. Thank you to Kitchen Lead Erik (Baloo) who has been helping me get all of the guest groups for 2018 organized and sorted out. This has been a huge blessing to me personally. Lots of exciting things going on with our community and more to come in the New Year.

Office Closed for Christmas

Our Year Round Team will be taking a week off at Christmas and the office will be closed until Tuesday January 2, 2018. We want to say thank you to everyone for your ongoing prayers, love and support. Please be patient with us if you are attempting to contact us next week and you're not hearing back. Our team really needs this break and we are all looking forward to coming back refreshed and recharged in 2018. And, if you hear through the grapevine that people are trying to contact us next week and are not hearing anything back, please pass on to them that we are closed and will be back January 2018. Thank you again. Have an amazing Christmas and we look forward to more exciting updates in 2018.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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