Flannel & Frost Christmas Banquet

The holiday season is almost upon us and Camp Chestermere would like to invite you to our Annual Christmas Banquet on Sunday December 3rd, 2017. Tickets are just $20 or $10 if you were a staff member in 2017. Punch is at 5:30. Dinner at 6:00. This is not a fundraiser. This is a chance for you to come, connect, and celebrate with other people who love and care about Camp Chestermere and a chance for you to hear about the amazing things that are happening.

It is also an opportunity for you to come and participate in a project that started in May 2017. As you are well aware, Camp Chestermere has an amazingly rich history and thousands of lives have been impacted. It is a history we continue to honour and build upon for the future.

As mentioned previously, we were contacted in May of 2017 by a gentlemen who works for Facts Net. Facts Net is doing an archiving project that involves Prairie Bible Institute, Camp Chestermere, Christian Missionary Alliance, and more. Through this process we have been connected with more and more people from the past and have learned a number of things. For example, we learned that bible camps started being held on this site in 1947 by Bethel Baptist Church. Up until then we thought that camps started in 1955 and that the Sea Cadets started the camp in 1953. Well, turns out the camp actually started in the late 30's and that it started to be booked by churches as early as 1947, if not earlier. Through this process we have now been connected with people who have photos of the very first church service that was held here as well as some pictures of early baptisms and some other historical photos.

This is where everyone comes in. We are looking for things from past to assist in this archive project. We would love it if people brought pictures, hard copy or electronic, old swag, old brochures, posters or any other material you may have from camp. If you have stuff that you’d like to leave behind that would be great. If you have stuff we can borrow, scan, and return, that’s great too. Bring photos on a USB and we will have a hard drive ready to collect this info. This Christmas Banquet will help us build on this archiving project. We would love to fill the room with 150 people who have things to share about camp. If you don’t have anything to share, we welcome you to come and enjoy the history of Camp Chestermere.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at picatic.com/CampChestermereChristmasBanquet or by contacting the camp office at 403 272 6030 or campoffice@campchestermere.com. By coming, you’ll have a chance to hear the vision behind our theme for the year…. Undaunted. Thanks again for your ongoing prayers, love, and support. Tickets need to be purchased by noon on Tuesday November 21. See you December 3rd at 5:30.


Shannon Dean

Camp Director