Update from Camp Chestermere

Ummmm, could someone please tell me where the past few weeks have gone. Somehow we went through Week 7, Week 8, Mini Tyke AND the first couple of weeks of September. WHAT???!!!! I literally need September to slow down here as it is going way too fast and there is still a lot going on. One of the fun statements we always hear this time of year is, "You must be so glad summer is over. Things must be slowing down for you." Sometimes we wish. Our Year Round Team took the long weekend plus a day off after summer but then on our first Wednesday and Thursday back we all worked 12 hours plus. Yup, it's one season to another at Camp Chestermere. But, God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

And I apologize in advance that this is going to be a longer update. But, we want you to know about some of the exciting things that are going on and that happened in the last couple weeks of summer. I believe that these updates let you know what you can celebrate with us and what you can continue to pray for. We want to keep people as attached to the camp as we can. So, thanks in advance for reading, praying, and staying connected.

So, looking back at some weeks I was not able to update you on. Week 7 was our final Kids Camp of the Summer and it was a BUSY one. We had 121 Overnight Campers, 104 Day Campers and 11 CLTD's. Our Guest Speaker that week was Kara Wilfrey (Snow White) and it was amazing having here here. Kara is a very busy lady as she is the Youth Pastor at North West Community Church and the Youth Pastor for their Chinese Church plant. She also works for the CBE with Chinook Learning Services. On top of her incredible ability to engage the campers during Fireside, I personally appreciated Kara's constant willingness and initiative to pray for and with our staff. She would pop into the kitchen in the morning to say hello and take prayer requests and prayed for me personally a couple of times during the week. Thank you Kara for the incredible blessing you were to us all throughout the week. We enjoyed having Kara out because so many of the youth and young adults from North West Community Church are either campers or on our staff throughout the summer. We have had lots of young people from that church coming to the camp over the past number of years and we really appreciate their participation and involvement. Thanks North West Community Church for your continued support in the number of staff and campers you send us and for loaning us Kara for the week.

Some of the highlights from staff from Week 7 include:

  • "Power tubing for gender night was awesome. We had 6 People on the tube at once. Another highlight of this trip was Flower doing backflips"

  • The CLTD's went floating down the canal. As they were floating down the river, one of the CLTD boys, who has a fake tooth, ended up having his fake tooth fall out in the middle of the canal. He didn't have it for the rest of the week, and, according to his leaders, "he looked so ridiculous"

  • "Definitely the Disney Dinner. Loved having everyone out for Peter Pan"

  • "Loved tug of war and pulling a fast one on the kids"

  • "One of the kids came up to me and said the first job he wants to work is Cabin Leading for us. He said he really felt like this was a place to belong"

  • "One girl in my cabin didn't really like me. She was yelling at me. I responded and she started crying and then I started crying. The cabin came around me and supported me saying that it was ok and that I was their favourite and they just loved on me."

  • "He said he had 6 porcu-pinnaples - they were six pine cones"

  • "I was in Day Camp - it was fun, really cool. My kids were energetic. It was really tiring"

  • "Camp is a place where God moves through friendship. ____ was in fireside because ____ and _____ were there. ____ came in and ____ and ___ were all just swaying together, singing the song and not hitting anyone"

  • "Loved 5-7 activity room. Were all screaming, having a good time, and not really caring about anything. I loved it"

  • "Throwing kids in the lake left and right. I had so much fun. Lost count of how many kids wanted to go in"

  • "Girl in my activity group. the whole week, she was just humming various worship songs. It was so nice. Just so pure"