Summer 2017 Week 3 Update

Well, we are just nicely underway into Week 4 at Camp Chestermere and enjoying another nice warm day. We are however recovering a little bit from another wind storm that ripped through here last night. Thankfully we did not receive any significant damage but I have to admit, I am done with wind. Last year at this time I think I said I was done with thunderstorms showing up everyday at 4 pm. I guess that at least the wind storms only pop up every now and then but it was a little scary on night one of Week 4.

Before I update you on Week 3 I have to give you a glimpse of Week 4. We have the missions team from Philadelphia here and they are AMAZING. In just one day they have been to the mustard seed, ripped off two walls from the exterior of the gym, put polly up on one of those ways, taken out the back fence, worked in the kitchen, helped organize part of down under and more. In ONE day. And they are awesome to talk to and hear about the differences between our two countries. Lots of stories coming about this in the next update.

Week 3 was Kids Camp, ages 7 - 11, and we had 106 Overnight Campers, 70 Day Campers, and 11 CLTD's completed their Foundations Program. The theme was Pirates Cove and it was a great week of nice weather and A LOT of kids. Great job staff on ministering to so many kids throughout the week. The week also saw Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) taking a week off for a family vacation. I am happy to report that he had a great time and has come back refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the summer. I am so pleased with how the rest of the staff team stepped up to fill in the gap while Deuce was away. Great job team.

Our guest speaker last week was Tanya Boettcher and she did an amazing job. I had the pleasure of going with Tanya on a missions trip to Germany a few years ago. My highlight of Tanya's speaking actually came on the last day when she used an illustration of a thermometer and a thermostat. She held up a thermometer and asked the campers what it was and asked them what it did. She agreed with the campers when they said that a thermometer is something that measures the temperature of a room. She then held up a thermostat and asked the campers what it did. Again, she agreed with the campers when they said that a thermostat controls the temperature of a room. She then asked a profound question; "Would you rather be a thermometer or a thermostat? Would you rather simply want to take the temperature of a room or would you want to be able to influence the temperature of a room?" #mindblown. She then unpacked it further and said that as followers of Christ we have been called to influence the temperature of society and to not just take the temperature. This was a challenge she was laying down for 7 year olds!!!! I think that's a great challenge and truth for all of us. Thanks Tanya. Great job.

We had the pleasure last week of being visited by former Director Frank Littel (Pumba). I was sitting in the lobby at one point while he was here and overheard one of our Seasonal Staff say to another staff member "the camper in me is freaking out that Pumba is here." It's always nice to have alumni come and visit and say hi. As we have been saying for a while now, one of the goals that we have is to have alumni more involved and connected to the camp. Frank brought out some treats for the staff and was able to take some time to talk to some of the staff as well. Thanks Frank for the visit and the treats.

This week I had the pleasure of taking two of our staff to Peter's Drive Inn for Coach Time. It was awesome. One of the people who came is from Australia and so the other staff member and I gave her a tour of Calgary. We took her to the University, the Olympic Oval, and Canada Olympic Park. She got to sit in the bobsled from the Cool Runnings Movie. Then we took her through downtown and to Stampede Park. A few of the staff had taken her to Stampede the weekend before and she was blown away by the fact that Stampede just goes away after and that the whole place just becomes a parking lot. It's just always cool to be able to see your own city from the eyes of someone who isn't from here. They bring a unique and different perspective. It was a ton of fun.

Thanks again goes out to Site Coordinator Vic (Poppa Smurf) and his wife Kathy (Sweet Pea) for preparing the Dead Cow meal. This week they made pork chops, baked beans and quite possibly the MOST delicious home made coleslaw I have ever had in my life.

After Dead Cow we split into two groups to share our highlights of the week. Here are just a few:

  • A camper came up to me on Wednesday night and asked me if he could have a Bible. So I went over to Horton's Hut and grabbed o