Meet the Seasonal Leadership Team for 2017

Good morning everyone,

It is with great excitement that we would like to announce the Seasonal Leadership Team of 2017. We had 29 applicants for 11 positions which is awesome and stressful at the exact same time. While we are very excited about the team we have hired, we had to make some difficult decisions and unfortunately had to say no to some very, very good candidates. But, here is the 2017 Seasonal Leadership Team.

  • Overnight Team Lead: Bennett Dykstra (Wolf)

  • Was on the 2015 and 2016 Seasonal Staff Team. He is currently attending Acadia University. He attends Varsity Bible Church.

  • Overnight Team Lead: Ann Farch (Roo)

  • This her 14th summer at camp. She has been a camper, a CLTD, and Cabin Leader. Last year she was a member of Summer Staff Team and filled in for one week in the office as the Office Assistant. She was baptized at Camp Chestermere in June of 2016. Roo attends Sunwest Church.

  • Day Camp Team Lead: Darcy Ralph (Brother Bear)

  • Brother Bear was a member of the Seasonal Staff Team last year and filled in for a week as Day Camp Team Lead. He comes with lots of camp experience from other camps and is a former YWAMer.

  • Program Leader: David Ralph (Jumpman)

  • Jumpman was a member of the Seasonal Staff in 2016 as a Cabin Leader. He a graduate of Heritage Christian Academy.

  • Waterfront Coordinator/Lifeguard: Kevin Martin (Neckbone)

  • Neckbone was a member of the Seasonal Team in 2016 as a Cabin Leader. He is a graduate of Heritage Christian Academy. He plans on attending Ambrose to take business.

Returning for their second summer as a member of the Seasonal Leadership Team are:

  • CLTD Leader: Simon Rowland (Spruce)

  • Has been a camper, CLTD and a staff member for many years. He was a CLTD Leader in 2016 as well.

  • CLTD Leader: Erin Navarro (Bonzai)

  • Bonzai is a CLTD graduate and has been was a Cabin Leader for two summers. She has been a part of the Camp Community since 2010. She is currently a student at Ambrose studying theology.

  • Medic: May Bunn (Flower)

  • Flower was a Cabin Leader in 2015 and a member of the Seasonal Leadership Team in 2016 as Program Assistant. She is currently attending Bow Valley College to get her diploma as a practical nurse.

And, returning for their THIRD summer as a Seasonal Leader we are pleased to announce

  • CLTD Leader: Alex Wright (Crumpet)

  • Crumpet is a current Board Member and has been involved with the camp since 2010. He has been a camper, Cabin Leader, Male Team Lead, Boat Driver and puts in countless hours as a volunteer. He was baptized at the camp in 2013. This is his third summer on the Seasonal Leadership Team, under three different directors.

  • Office Assistant: Amanda Woolly (Calico)

  • Served in this position the last two years and was a CLTD in 2010 and a staff member since 2012

  • Program Leader: Lisa Nieuwenhuis (Dutchie)

  • Dutchie was a part of our CLTD program in 2009 and is a graduate of Calgary Christian School and Kings University. And again, this is her THIRD summer on the Seasonal Leadership Team. That has to be some kind of record.

Thank you to everyone who was praying for us as we moved through this process. We are super stoked about this team and the experience that is coming back. 3 coming back for a 3rd summer on Leadership and 3 for a 2nd summer. It is going to be an incredible summer.


Shannon Dean

Camp Director

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