September 2016 Update

Well hello again everyone,

I hope you all are staying safe and warm as the snow has come far too early this year. We have a couple who are on sabbatical joining us at the camp this week and they were in for a surprise with the weather. They are involved in Camp Ministry in Oklahoma and were asking if this weather is normal for us this time of year. I said no and expressed how much I was not a fan of it. They had heard so much about how beautiful Calgary was and now with this fog they can't see any of it. This snow is way too early.

September was an incredibly busy month for rentals. The September 16 weekend saw us get to a point where we had too much going on and unfortunately almost had to turn down going to a promotional event. However, HUGE thank you to Board Member Alex Wright (Crumpet) who stepped in to help us out. On that weekend we had the Sea Cadets joining us, Young Life was here, Urban Grace Church joined us for a volunteer event and we participated as a host site for the Rotary Amazing Race. Yup, all of that happened on a Friday - Saturday. 4 groups all at the same time in 3 days. HUGE, HUGE shout out to our entire Year Round Team for just doing what you do to make all of this happen. And again, thank you to Board Member Alex (Crumpet) who stepped in and took on the promotional event at Chilli Fest at Canyon Creek Christian Fellowship.

Having the Sea Cadets is always a treat because it was the Sea Cadets who originally founded Camp Chestermere way back in 1953. I think it is amazing that after all of this time we continue to work with them and will continue to do so. Relationships truly is our number one value and I believe that it is because of this value that the Sea Cadets and Camp Chestermere continue to work together. Relationships is not a new value for us, it is a value that has helped us to work with the same group for over 60 years. Amazing.

Calgary Christian School joined us this month for a serve day. They brought out their entire middle school and spent time doing some work around the camp, participating in a chapel and then in some team building activities. Thank to Assistant Director Collin(Deuce) and Guest Services Coordinator Vanessa (Ember) for hosting this group, leading worship and speaking. And thank you to Site Coordinator Vic (Poppa Smurf) for getting everything organized for the serving projects side of things.

I also love the diversity of the groups we work with. On Tuesday Calgary Christian School was here and then on WednesdayCalgary Islamic School was here for an activity day. And man did the Calgary Islamic School bless us. They brought more cookies and muffins and treats then we knew what to do with. Seriously, my office is still stock piled with mini chocolate bars (don't tell my wife). Thanks to Calgary Christian School for helping with several projects around the camp and to Calgary Islamic School for all of the goodies.

Camp Chestermere continues to be involved in what is happening in the community. Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) attended a seminar called Aging in Place which was a community conversation about how we take care of seniors in our community. I think it is great for Camp Chestermere to be a part of these conversations as we continue to break the impressions that we are just a summer camp. We are a year round facility that seeks to be a vital part of the community and we want to be involved in the life of the community. Attending events like this helps us to break these impressions. Then later Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) and I attended an interagency meeting to discuss how the different organizations in Chestermere can do a better job supporting and promoting each other. It was a great way to connect with some people we haven't seen for a couple of months and great brainstorming conversations of ways we can all help each other. I'd encourage you to check out the following link and see all of the great things Chestermere has to offer: