Summer Week 5 Update

Week 5 has come and gone and we are now more than half way through the summer. I have no idea where the time has gone. It seems like yesterday that we were welcoming the Seasonal Leadership Team on site and before we know it we will be done the 2016 Summer Camping Season. Seriously, I feel like if we blink we will miss it.

Week 5 saw our 18 Second Year CLTD's complete their second year program, Discipleship. We had 46 campers in Day Camp and 83 in Overnight Camp. Our numbers in Day Camp during week five are often lower due to the August long weekend. There is no such thing as a long weekend at camp, there's barely a thing called a weekend for that matter, but lots of families take advantage of the long weekend to get away. But even though our numbers were a little lower we still had an incredible week.

Our Guest Speaker for Week 5 was Tanya Boettcher and she did an incredible job. This was her first time ever speaking at a kids camp and man she did great. Night one the girl drops a salvation message and led the worship team. Night one. One of the things that I have loved this year about our guest speakers is they are shattering every misconception of a kids camp. Our guest speakers this year are just presenting the gospel no matter how old the children are and it has been amazing. God has been moving, speaking and it has been an incredible summer of divine appointments.

Week 5 saw one of our Seasonal Leaders step up in a big way. Our Program Coordinator Lisa (Dutchie) was off for week 5. Her assistant May (Flower) stepped up in a huge way and with help from Overnight Female Team Lead Glynna (Ray) programs ran incredibly well. I just love how time and time again our leaders step up and make things happen. It is incredible to watch. Great job Flower.

Special mention to of Molly (Misty) and Reagan (Finn) who stepped into Seasonal Leader roles this week due to time off of other staff. Great job ladies.

The theme of Week 5 was super heroes and on Wednesday we had real life super heroes out at the camp. Members from the Chestermere Fire Department and RCMP came out for an hour and interacted with the campers and staff. Campers were able to climb through the fire truck, sit in the police cars and speak with the real life super heroes. After we took a picture and posted it on our social media accounts. Camp Chestermere would like to express its deepest appreciation for the work that our Emergency Services People do and the way they support the community. Thanks to the Fire Department and RCMP for coming out for the day and interacting with our campers and staff. Great day.

Week 5 also saw our CLTD's do their service day with Street Light Ministries. Camp Chestermere has been working with Street Light for a few years now. StreetLight started in October 1992 with a goal to reach street orientated and sexually exploited youth (ages 12-24). StreetLight’s purpose is to assist these youth in making the best decisions for their lives by building strong friendships with them and helping them in any way they can to better their lives. StreetLight works together with other street orientated agencies and the community to better assist youth in a positive lifestyle change. StreetLight makes an impact on the lives of hundreds of street and sexually exploited youth! We are honoured to be able to partner with them and have our CLTD's assist them in the work they do. The CLTD's help with various tasks including cleaning the StreetLight truck. Great job CLTD's and great work done by StreetLight.

As you may recall, in May of this year we partnered with the Chestermere Ag Society to put on an event called Country Connections. Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) and myself met with their board this week to further discuss partnership opportunities. It was a great conversation and some great possibilities emerged. Thank you also to the Waiting Room Cafe for hosting our meeting. We love the Waiting Room Cafe and it is the perfect atmosphere for a meeting or just to grab a cup of coffee with a friend. Please visit them and say hi from Camp Chestermere. You'll be glad you did.

The weekend of Week 5 ended with us hosting a wedding for 170 people. Yup, after a week of working with campers, we still have the ability to host a big wedding. It was incredible. Thanks to Assistant Kitchen Manager Sherry (Curry) and all of the others who helped to make the wedding a success including Jordie (J-Bazz), Adam (Betty), Andrew (Coopa), Sydney (Coopa), Ann (Roo), Chelsea (Berry), Hanna (Quinoa), Brad (Thumper), Courtney (Crayola), Daniel (wind) and my wife Michelle. Great job team.

During the wedding we had yet another storm blow threw. During the storm I get a panic phone call from my son Evan that Down Under is flooding...... again. Seriously, like every time we get a heavy rain fall, Down Under floods. And the ground is so saturated with water right now that the problem has been exasperated. So here we are with 170 people celebrating a wedding upstairs and 2 plus feet of water in each stair