Update: March 15th

Hello again everyone.

Well I woke up this morning and there was this weird white substance on the ground. It was somewhat cold and made some of the walk ways slippery. I have no idea what it was as we haven't seen any around here for a while. Google calls it snow but I don't know. But seriously, how about this weather. Hope this is signs of the weather to come this summer. We could use an amazing summer of great weather after all the storms and floods we dealt with last year.

Speaking of floods and storms and the like, Camp Chestermere is still recovering from the flood from last year. The bathrooms in the Chap are almost complete which is great. They look amazing and we cannot wait to have them up and operational. We are looking at a completion date of mid April. It will be good to have a fully functioning Chap again. But I want to mention the staff at Chestermere City Hall and the people from the DRP. We have had nothing but AMAZING support from all involved. The staff at Chestermere City Hall have been incredibly helpful and have literally taken care of us through this process and the representatives who were at the Chestermere Rec Centre from the DRP were also amazing. Thank you to all of you for helping us walk through this process. Camp Chestermere continues to recover from the floods and there is some significant work that needs to be done but it is so nice to know that all I need to need to do is pick up the phone and phone Chestermere City Hall and someone is there to help.

Now I know that I brag about our staff a lot but it is just because they are so amazing and they simply love this place so much and want to see it succeed and grow. First of all, I want to mention Bookkeeper Heather (Bookie). Heather (Bookie) and her family are grieving the loss of her mother in law who passed away a short time ago. However, the day after her mother in law passed away, we had a situation here at the camp that needed Heather's attention and expertise. Without hesitation, Heather came in to help Momma Ruth and Sherry (Currie) out with a new supplier who needed credit applications filled out. It was incredible. We all hugged and blessed Heather (Bookie) but I find it amazing that Heather (Bookie) was so willing to come in right away to help the team out. Thank you Heather.

And then Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) continues to show his commitment and love for this place time and time again. Last week we learned that Member of Parliament Martin Shields was in Vulcan for a meet and greet. We also learned that he may be able to help us find information about grants for Camp Chestermere. So what does Collin (Deuce) do? Jumps in his car in the evening to drive out to Vulcan for a 5 minute meeting with Mr. Shields.

And then, last Saturday I wake up to take Evan to hockey and Site Coordinator Vic (Poppa Smurf) and his wife are walking around the camp and I say hi and ask what they're up to. Vic (Poppa Smurf) tells me that they were just walking around the camp to see what they could do landscaping wise to improve how the camp looks. Like seriously, are you kidding me? Our newest staff member and his wife are spending time on their day off walking around and dreaming about the future of camp. There truly is something infectious about this place. I am constantly blown away and the continual sacrifices this team makes to help improve Camp Chestermere. Great work team.

Ok, I know the secret is already out but I am excited to let everyone know about our 2016 Seasonal Leadership Team. We had 29 applications for 11 positions. While this is great, we unfortunately had to say no to some very good people. We are hoping that the people we were not able to hire for the spring will still come back to work as cabin leaders. The individuals listed below will be starting in May and we are STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Overnight Male Team Lead: Micaiah Sinanan

  • Was on the 2015 summer staff team and has been involved in the camp for the last 9 years as a staff member and camper

  • Overnight Female Team Lead: Glynna MacKenzie

  • Was Overnight Female Team Lead Peer last year. Started working at camp in 2011 and has only missed one summer since

  • Day Camp Team Lead: Nicola Rogers

  • Comes all the way from Australia. She was a part of the 2014 and 2015 summer staff team

  • Program Coordinator: Lisa Nieuwenhuis