Update: February 8th

Hello again everyone,

Usually with these updates I try to highlight the great things that are going on at camp and let you know about upcoming events and so forth. However, in the wake of the tragic events from this weekend, it does not seem right to do a regular weekly update.

Camp Chestermere staff have heavy hearts at the moment as we grieve the loss of one of summer staff members. Jordan Caldwell (Jar Jar) was a loved staff member who had an incredible impact on our camp community. Jordan (Jar Jar) and his twin brother Evan were killed on Saturday morning in a tragic accident at Canada Olympic Park. Jordan (Jar Jar) volunteered at our last School Year Camp just 8 days ago. Jordan (Jar Jar) was loved by staff and campers alike. When campers would come to School Year Camps and Jar Jar wasn't here they would often ask where he was and why wasn't he here. A picture that has gone somewhat viral is posted below. It was posted with the following caption:

  • "In honour of Jordan Caldwell (camp name Jar Jar), one of my co-workers at camp, who will be so incredibly missed by so many people. He had such a joyful impact on everyone around, including the 6 year old girls who decided that Jar Jar, despite being a yucky boy, was worthy of entering their space at camp. You were such an amazing young man of God, Jordan, and you changed the world around you with the light you carried in your too short 17 years of life - a reminder for us all to impact the world around us as positively as we can with the life we have. See you in Heaven, brother."

This story is being heavily covered in the news and Camp Chestermere has been contacted by a number of media outlets. Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) has been doing an absolutely incredible job with the requests from the media. Earlier today he wrote this about Jordan (Jar Jar):

  • Jordan was a phenomenal man of God. He was loved by all, had an amazing heart, and was incredibly bright. There aren't any words to describe how devastated our staff team is from losing him and his brother Evan (who we unfortunately didn't know as well). Jordan was the kind of guy who would give the shirt off his back to anyone he met - regardless of their situation - and I understand that Evan was the same way. Jordan loved the kids that he led at the camp and was one of the most genuine, integral men I know.

Jordan (Jar Jar), his brother Evan and their family attend one of our member churches, Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel (RMCC). There were some other boys who were also involved in the incident who also attend RMCC. I was at the hospital visiting with the families of two of these boys on Saturday and today. Both boys are recovering and doing better each day but have a long road to recovery. Please pray for them and their families.