Update: Thanksgiving Week 2015

Hello again everyone,

Well I hope you all are recovering from your turkey hangovers. The common thing that I have heard from many people is "Wow I ate way too much this weekend." This really is the best/worst time of year depending on whether or not you're trying to watch the waist line. You know, Thanksgiving, and then some do American Thanksgiving, and Halloween Candy and Christmas with all of its banquets, eggnog, sweets and everything else. Ah yes, we really are entering into the most wonderful time of the year.

My family and I took the opportunity to head to Regina for the Thanksgiving long weekend to visit with my brother and sister. It was a great chance to get away. However, I am so not a fan of that drive. Between the Hat and the Current is just brutal. Ah, well, good to see family.

However, last week was rough. Like really rough. When you have a full time year round staff of 3 and all 3 of us are sick at the same time, it makes for a very rough week. We were fully booked almost every day last week and Assistant Director Collin (Deuce), Office Manager Chantel (Lilac) and myself all missed time due to illness. Chantel has really had a rough go of it for the past few weeks and we are praying for full recovery for her. Thank the Lord for Momma Ruth and Shay (Yoshi) who were able to hold down the fort in the kitchen and get us through. Our host Emily was also a huge help but was also really struggling with a cold as well. Like I said, it is the most wonderful time of the year. Cold season has begun at Camp Chestermere.

We were also super stoked to welcome Sherry (Curry) back as she returned from a cruise. While she enjoyed her time away I think she was happy to have her feet back on solid ground as she enjoyed/endured 22 foot waves for parts of her trip. We rocked colds and she rocked sea sickness. Not sure if I'd trade. However, I'm glad she was able to take some time away.

Momma Ruth also welcomed family to town as well. If you wanna see a sparkle in Momma Ruth's eyes, like even more than the one that is usually there, then just get her talking about her grand babies. It gets me excited listening to her talk about them.

Like I said before, we had lots of bookings last week as well. The week started off with a board meeting on Monday night. It is always great to connect with people who have dedicated so much time over the years to the camp. The board has also recently welcomed some newer and younger members as well. It was a great chance for Assistant Director Collin (Deuce) and I to update the board on the exciting things that have been happening here at camp and to brain storm some new ideas as well. One of the most exciting pieces of news that we were able to speak with the board about is the fact that Camp Chestermere will finish its fiscal year to the financial good. THANK YOU JESUS!!!! As some of you are aware, Camp Chestermere has not always been able to say that over the past couple of years. However, this year, with the effort of the year round staff, seasonal leadership team, summer staff, and the board, we are ending the year on a positive financial note. A lot of this credit also has to go to the amazing support from people like you who are reading this update. Thank you to those who have faithfully given to this camp and who continue to do so. Thank you to the parents who entrust their children to us. Thank you to the guest groups who book us for so many different events. We believe that the future of Camp Chestermere is bright and we thank everyone involved for their effort, support, love, prayers and dedication to this place. Our 62 year history is only the beginning of greater things still.

We had two different band groups join us last week from two different schools. One group came on Tuesday and Wednesdayand the to the group on Thursday and Friday. You have not been blessed until you have heard 10 grade 7 students all learning how to play the horn at the same time ;) But seriously, I love the many different ways our camp is rented out and the many different groups who come through. Last week alone we had the cadets, a dance group, two junior high band groups, a leadership training session, a boot camp and then we hosted two different families who booked camp for their Thanksgiving celebrations. If you are looking for a venue to do...... well almost anything, then please contact us. We really do have a new attitude at Camp Chestermere and that is, "The answer is yes, now ask the question." People may not get everything they want and we will stay true to our values but we are a year round facility with a ton of options and a staff who love to problem solve to meet the needs of our clients.

Thanks again everyone for your support. Seriously, if you are looking for a venue for staff professional development, a corporate function, a Christmas party, a banquet, a fitness or danc